For Canadians looking at self-employment and business ownership in the near future, there are a plethora of options available. The Canadian government has ensured that its policies are commerce-friendly and in such an environment, prospective Canadian business owners have a playing field of opportunities, including but not limited to the top franchises available in Canada. This article aims to enlighten the reader in the top 5 ways in which a franchise setup in Canada has time and again proven to be a viable business opportunity. Read further to know more.

Matching Career Skillsets and Experience with a Franchising Opportunity
Bearing in mind that franchises aren't an industry but are instead a business model that is applicable across most industry verticals; it is truly possible for prospective Canadian business owners to match personal career skillsets and experience with franchising opportunities available in Canada. For example, an individual with prior experience in the hospitality industry can invest capital to buy into Canada’s leading hospitality franchises and in turn setup a viable business wherein one can enjoy the many perks that come with business ownership while also benefiting from personal skillsets and experience.

Strong Support System
Unlike a startup that requires development and fine tuning of a product or service alongside viable operations and marketing strategies with little external support, franchisees in Canada enjoy strong support from the franchise brands whose products or services they are committed to selling. This support extends to all aspects of running a business, including but not limited to:

• Product/Service Development
Sales Training
Customer Service Training
• After-Sales Service Training
• Development and Execution of Marketing Strategies
• Management and Operations Support
• Hiring and Human Resources Support
• Logistical Support

Established Brand Identity
Sometimes startups take forever to establish a brand entity, sometimes it takes a shorter time. However, one way or the other, startups often spend much money on marketing and advertising to build up a brand identity which in turn ensures sustainable revenues. On the other hand, franchisees enjoy the benefit of selling a product or providing a service that already enjoys widespread market recognition and an established brand identity. Bearing in mind the all the money and time that goes into building a brand identity; this is an undeniable advantage for franchisees in Canada.

Proven Business Model
While startups often struggle with business models that may or may not succeed and operational strategies that are a study in trial and error, franchising is an established business model that requires less effort from a prospective business owner. As mentioned previously, the top franchises in Canada are committed to providing support in terms of operations and management training, and sales and marketing strategy, and as such, a prospective franchise owner has a proven business model working in his/her favor.

Knowledge Resources
A significant advantage for prospective franchise owners in Canada is the existence of knowledge resources such as This invaluable franchise directory in Canada is an effective guide for picking the right franchise to buy into. Furthermore, it is a favored source of information on the subject of setting up a franchise and ensuring success for this commercial endeavor.

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