Most all internet marketers publish content as a way to advertise their businesses and money is the motivation behind their efforts! On the other hand you have those who focus more on writing for people and not to earn an income! Since these people have motivations that don't involve being compensated we'll refer to them as simply writers, fair enough? So what sets these 2 different groups apart insofar as the way they publish content and present it to readers online?

Here are 5 subtle yet significant differences between those writing for people and those who publish content to earn an online income!

Hype vs. Passion

When money is the motivation the content created tends to contain a bit of hype or 'stretching' of the truth to persuade people to make a purchase! Remember the focal point of marketers is to make sales and this can't be done unless readers are persuaded that they can't live without the product being offered! Now when simply writing for people, it is the readers enjoyment that is the motivational force behind the efforts involved in composing what they view! Income is NOT the issue but rather pleasing people is what it's all about!

Facts vs. Fiction

As indicated above facts tend to fade into fiction to create a mindset of 'need' when publishing content for the purpose of making sales! On the other hand pure 'writers' can intermingle both fact and fiction but do so merely for the entertainment and enjoyment of those reading what they wrote! Their intent is to interest and please but not necessarily to persuade people since once again they expect NOT to be compensated!

Engage vs. Force

When writing for people the author typically focuses on engaging viewers to increase their interest to read further! Marketers on the other hand are more concerned with simply presenting their 'selling points' quickly and often in a more forceful fashion! The difference here is writers place more emphasis on carefully creating interesting reading material while marketers put more effort into distributing what they've written! For marketers it's typically more about circulating their content and NOT the quality of it!

Deep vs. Wide

The typical writer tends to dig deeper in their research to supply useful insights and information to satisfy viewer! Once again they are writing for people therefore they focus more on their interests! On the other hand marketers tend to expand their efforts in terms of the variety of product offers they make! They don't linger on any one product for too long but move on the next best thing! This is no intended offense to entrepreneurs trying to make a buck but it is not how to win the loyalty of the individual looking for good solid content!

Delayed vs. Immediate Gratification

Obviously building relationships and thus loyalty takes time therefore people who write to earn a loyal following MUST be patient! Marketing online does not focus on patience but rather sales, and if they don't happen, it's time to change direction! When money is the motivation people are more concerned with simply finding ways to make sales and NOT spending time to earn the loyalty of others!

It is a common and accepted practice for internet marketers to publish content as a way to increase sales! Clearly money is the motivation behind their efforts but there still remains those who focus primarily on simply writing for people without expectations of being compensated! The latter group which we refer to as 'writers' possess motivations that tend to be more noble! The review above discusses how these 2 separate groups differ in terms of what they publish and how it's presented to readers online! Since writers as opposed to marketers tend to develop a more loyal following perhaps marketers need to place more of an emphasis on writing for people as a way to increase their income!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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