What performance management actually is?

It is a process of managing and developing employees’ performance throughout the year and can be an annual, biannual or even a monthly process. Efficiently tracking, mapping, managing and providing appraisals leads to efficient performance management. It’s no more just reviewing the performance but also includes automated reviewing and providing results eliminating any conflicts by its trustworthy nature.

Why it’s important for your business?

Managing performance is the key of success for every business type. It is everything for improving productivity. Can’t believe? What’s the most useful asset of your business? Employees! Right? So in order to attract / retain best employees for your firm, what measures should you take? There exists many methods, appraising for their performance being the best among all and one of the major duty of HR folks. Proper measures taken under performance management may eventually benefit HRM (Human Resource Management).

So what are the major advantages of integrating a PMS (Performance Management System) to your HRM? Here are 5 must-read points:

1. Blending tech with HR strategy-

HR strategies include concerns such as employee management, smooth payroll, appraisal handling, etc. With a blend of technology into such activities comes great results. Here I am talking about an HR software with an ability to handle all these HR duties with ease. HR tech lets your HRs to perform more efficiently. Therefore unexpected rewards are experienced through the integration. Automated and regular performance tracking results in holistic evaluations.

2. Data on demand-

An HRMS with separate module of appraisal management provides all the important data related to employees’ performance at one stop. From now onwards, storing and accessing every data is centralized under one single roof. Thus, navigating through hill of sheets and files for a single data pertaining to a particular employee is not needed which eliminates any of your extra efforts.

3. Accurate evaluation of performance-

Feedback degree – A performance management software lets you select the feedback degree which selects the group of people who will be evaluating or providing feedback to the employee. Besides managers, you can also let the clients your employee is associated and teammates to review the questions defined in appraisal module. This creates an unbiased environment with zeroed disputes.

4. In-built reminders-

A company with no appraisals or poorly timed tools observe a good figure of employee turnover because workers tend to leave. Employees love a company which praise them for their dedicated work. A performance appraisal software is meant for such dilemma. It sends automated notifications and reminders too so that you don’t miss out any important event.

5. Making your work tangible-

Yes! Not every work you do or an employee does gets counted unless and until it is meant for something. Here I mean with a goal. Before you start with your work, you must know the target or the goal on which you are working on. Performance management tool lets you set targets and thus motivates you to finish it in less time and thus gets counted.


A performance appraisal management software lets you utilize the most of your workforce’s efforts and achieve the goal what your HR strategies are meant for. It makes each cumbersome and mundane task included in managing employee appraisal easy and error-free delivering holistic and quick reviews.

Author's Bio: 

Ritik Singh writes about Human Resources, performance management software, cloud and enterprise technology. A dynamic content writer who writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of cloud based HR software with inbuilt AI-powered HR chatbot (smHRty) to small and mid-sized businesses across India.