Workplace stress is one of the biggest causes of reduction in employee productivity. That is why, your journey towards achieving an extremely efficient workforce, has to begin by devising strategies to help your employees get rid of it. There are a number of ways through which you can fulfil your endeavour, and playing soft music at the workplace is the easiest and most effective of them all. This is because your employees do not require to leave their work aside for deriving stress relief through soft music. Both their work and process of stress relief can go on simultaneously.

Along with this, playing soft music on speakers is a method through which you can extend stress relief to your employees in one go. This also eliminates the need for you to pay attention to whether your employees are practising stress relief techniques or not. You just have to make sure that the music you play, reaches every corner of your office, and gradually all your employees tap into a zone of stress relief. In order to help you get deeper insights, below mentioned are 5 ways through which soft music can act as an effective stress buster for your employees.

Meditative effect: The ancient technique of meditation does wonder in providing stress relief, but it requires your employees to sit at a peaceful place, leaving all their work aside. Playing soft music is a way through which you can help your employees experience the meditative effect while staying engrossed in their work. This is because listening to soft meditative music works on the same principle as meditation does. The power of meditation lies in letting the thoughts flow without obstruction, and soft music draws your employees’ attention towards it and creates a gateway for their thoughts to flow. This way, soft music acts as a stress buster for your employees, by producing a meditative effect.

Enhances Concentration: Many times your employees remain stressed because of their inability to focus on the work at hand. Difficulties in concentration, lead to the piling up of pending tasks, which further elevate the amount of workplace stress experienced by your employees. Under such circumstances, soft calming music can act as a stress buster by empowering your employees to do their work with a pinpointed focus. The basic principle behind this effect of listening to soft music is the alignment of our thoughts in a single direction, which is contrary to our normal state, where the mind creates multiple thoughts in a single instant and disrupts our focus at work. Therefore, calm music enhances your employees’ concentration at work and thus, leads to a significant reduction in their stress levels.

Increased production of happy hormones: Cortisol is the major stress hormone which is secreted in our body, under stressful situations. When your employees are stressed, an elevation in the level of Cortisol negatively impacts their efficiency at work. This is because Cortisol degrades their enthusiasm and spirit to work. In order to counter the effects of this stress hormone, it is necessary to induce stress relief in your employees. This can be done by increasing the production of happy hormones in their body. Happy hormones act as natural antidotes to the stress hormone- Cortisol. Many scientific studies have shown that listening to soft and calming music is an effective way to increase the production of happy hormones such as Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin in the body. Therefore, you can use soft music as a means to extend stress relief to your employees, by enhancing the production of happy hormones in their body.

Creates a Therapeutic effect: Soft music has a therapeutic effect. When your employees listen to soft music, waves of relaxation begin to travel through their mind. These waves of relaxation, immediately induce a calming effect, which results in stress relief. Moreover, mental health is directly related to physical health. When your employees are stressed, their blood pressure and heart rate both suffer an increase. This makes them conscious of their health issues and further, increases their stress level by combining workplace stress with worries about health. As much of these health issues spring from prolonged levels of stress, mental relaxation is the only way to eliminate them. This clearly highlights that you can help your employees achieve both mental and physical health benefits, by inducing stress relief through the therapeutic effect of soft music.

Gives the power to deal with failures: Much of the workplace stress results from your employees’ facing troubles in resolving daily challenges they face while doing their work. The difficulties in overcoming these challenges, often make your employees feel demotivated and they end up being stressed. In order to prevent your employees from being stressed by their failures, you have to help them inculcate the habit of being unaffected by their defeats. For this, you have to first work on empowering your employees’ resilience against negative and debilitating thoughts. Soft music is an effective way to prevent your employees from being carried away with their thoughts of defeat. This is because calming music draws your employees’ attention towards itself and leads to the cessation of ongoing thoughts of defeat.

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