Do you know the fact that your baby’s brain contains a hundred billion neurons at birth and in his early years, he’ll produce 3-times more brain cell connections known as neural synapses? Yes, this is completely true! The brain wiring works on the rule of ‘using it or losing it.’ If synapses in the baby’s brain aren’t wired together through simulation, it will be pruned back during the early years of school. Although, it has also been proved that the child’s brain contains neurological hard wiring that allows him to become skilled at any language. The infant’s brain is more flexible and vulnerable than an adult’s brain. So, with proper care, love and language-enriched experiences, you’re helping your baby’s neural connections to become wired together. Here, in this article, I’m going to discuss 5 ways that helps in motivating your child to learn quickly.

  1. Don’t Limit Learning To The Walls Of His Classroom

Do you really want your child to be a stellar student? Then, don’t limit learning to the walls of his classroom. No doubt, the skills he is learning in school are crucial to his social and intellectual growth, but your kid needs your help as well to open up the world of ideas. In turn, his renewed joy found in innovation will transfer to his schoolwork, which will boost his academic success, too.

  1. Promote Early Passion For Books In Kids

Another thing that plays an important role in your child’s learning is promoting an early passion for books. If your child is in play group, select the books with large and vibrant pictures. Take turns reading with your child and establish a family reading time in which everyone in the house reads his own book. Let your child know how important reading is and fill your home with newspapers, novels, posters and magazines to facilitate learning.

  1. Encourage Your Child To Express His Interests & Opinions

That’s another crucial step; always try to encourage your child to share his interests and explore subjects  that fascinates him. If he’s a horse nut, offer him stories related to horse riding or ask him to find facts about horses in encyclopedia. Show enthusiasm for your child’s opinion and let them feel free to choose any extracurricular activity they want. Always give value to their opinions and involve them while making decisions.

  1. Create Play Opportunities That Support Different Learning Styles

As we know that the toddlers benefit from engaging in exploratory and educational activities. Make sure that you’re providing play activities that support a variety of learning styles ranging from visual learning, listening to sequencing and sorting. Have your child supplies that fosters open-ended play. For-instance playing with the blocks helps to build your child’s creative expression and polish problem-solving skills as he grows. Give your child a lot of unstructured play time so he can explore himself.

  1. Ask About What He Is Learning In School & Celebrate Small Achievements

The other important thing that you need to keep in mind is; never ask about the grades or test  scores. Ask about what he learns in the school. Let him teach you what he learned in todays class by explaining the lecture in his own words. In this way, he’ll retain what he learned. Moreover, always celebrate achievements even they’re small. If he will complete a book, give him a special treat or give him school classroom headphones and allow him to play video games for an hour. It’s called as positive reinforcement that will motivate him to keep learning.

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