Creativity is the cornerstone of the human existence. It’s a fact that a majority of the world’s most remarkable creations were birthed by individuals with (what was considered) hair-brained ideas. Although, I believe creativity is a gift everyone has, I equally believe, most are unable to sip their creative juices because of their preoccupation with life’s stressors.

Our attachment to discomfort limits us from manifesting what we desire in our life. Holding on stress, fear and old wounds not only blocks our creative genius, but also can produce issues around procreation, abundance and love.

Through the root chakra we learn to plant our seeds, which ultimately grants us the ability to provide for ourselves in the physical world. We also discover our need for safety and structure. If the root chakra is imbalanced, we have difficulties creating abundance in our life. When we are unable to provide sustenance—feelings of lack, anxiety and fear block the Sacral chakra.

The Sacral provides the fertile soil for our cosmic seeds to expand. It is where we learn how to birth and nurture (physically, mentally, spiritually) things into our life. If you are having issues with money, life direction, relationships, infertility or creativity—your Sacral may be blocked.

To unblock the Sacral, you must start with the root chakra. If you missed my article on how to open your root chakra, you can find it here----> (How to Open Your Root Chakra to Abundance). Working with the root will assist you with removing the energetic barriers that may be blocking your Sacral. Opening (and maintaining) the Sacral chakra will provide you with limitless access to abundance, sensuality, creativity and healthy relationships. Below are a few techniques you can use to raise your Sacral’s vibration today:

Shake your hips: the Sacral chakra loves movement (especially circular motions). Latin/African dance or other body movements that work with shaking or winding your hips are wonderful for opening the Sacral. Another way to use your hips to open the Sacral is hula hooping. This can be a fun activity to do with your daughters or friends.

Energetic flow: energy applications like Reiki or Pranic healing are great for opening the chakras. Placing your hands over the Sacral and imagining a bright orange light radiating from your hands is a simple practice that can be done throughout your day.

Gemstone love: I love stones (I REALLY, REALLY LOVE stones!) learning to incorporate gemstones in practical ways can be a fantastic benefit to your mind body and soul. When healing the Sacral, I recommend using orange stones like: Carnelian, Amber or Orange Calcite. Moonstone is also a powerful stone to use for the Sacral because it is directly connected to the Sacral’s astrological ruler the Moon (Don’t use during a full moon). Belly rings and chains with orange stones are also an excellent way to balance the Sacral.

Connect to Water: there is nothing like a warm bath after a long day, Ahhhh! I bet you didn't know that taking baths is a excellent way to balance your Sacral. Bathing in warm salt water (sea or himalayan salt) cuts energetic cords and rejuvenates your Sacral. Additionally, adding gemstones to your water will assist in elevating your water’s vibration.

Tantric Love: many equate Tantra with the act of sex. While, I agree sexual energy is commonly used with Tantra, I also believe Tantra is a highly spiritual practice that can be used to raise our Kundalini vibration. One of the main components of Tantra is breathing (up the spine and through the Sacral). Often, Tantra is used while engaging intimacy; however, the objective is focused on healing not orgasm. Learning to balance your Sacral through Tantic practices will help you decrease stress, open creativity and enhance your relationships (internally and externally).

I would love to hear about your experiences. Please leave your feedback below.

Author's Bio: 

Christy Lynn Abram is a Wholistic Muse and the author of, Chakra Wellness: 7 Ways to Renew the Total You. Christy's struggle with depression is what inspires her to teach others how to heal themselves and their families.