Whether You hear, see, feel, taste, touch or intuit, it helps to have a clear mind in order to actually recognize the psychic information You are getting.

To even ‘hear’ psychic messages in the first place above the background noise of the mind is quite often amazing.

Long time meditators know that it is a skill in itself to quite the mind and sometimes spend years to attain that skill.

For some natural psychics, meditation may not be necessary but for those that are interested in developing psychic ability untapped, then meditation can be a very valuable tool.

1. Light a candle, sit comfortably and stare at the flame. Soften your stare until You can see the aura of the candle.

The act of softening your visuals causes a softening of the mind as well. The softer You can cause your sight to be the more clearly the candles aura will be and the clearer your mind will become as well.

2. Focus on your breath. Allowing your breath to deepen and slow down. You are wanting to breath fully and stay focused on the sensations of breathing.

Try counting each complete breath until You get to 10 and then start over. If You get lost when counting just start back at 1 again. For more detailed meditations and exercises to develop your psychic abilities using breath check out Breath Awakenings.

3. Visualize a wind sock that starts up in your head and goes down into the ground. To be released at any time.

At the top of this wind sock are hooks around the top reaching towards the center. Allow all the thoughts that come into your head to just gently fall into the wind sock and be absorbed by the ground at the other end of the energetic wind sock.

The hooks are for thoughts and messages that are important to You in this moment. Trust that You will miss nothing that is important to You. Let the other thoughts just drain away, watching them as they go by.

4. Imagine a chalkboard in your mind. All of the mental chatter is on the board. Use a mental erasure and clean the board. Knowing that any information off the board that You will need is still accessible any time You want.

For those of You that are more technically oriented this board can actually be a mental computer screen and the erasure the delete key.

Imagine as thoughts come in You just continue to erase them automatically. This is a more active way to clear and slow down the mind for those of You that need to be doing something.

Just remember to stay focused on the erasing until You feel relaxed in your mind.

5. If You can start with the breath and then add in one of the other techniques 1 to 4 then your ability to clear your mind and open up to psychic messages will increase exponentially.

Once You feel that You have opened and cleared your mind. Ask a question and patiently ‘listen’ your way, for guidance or an answer.
This might show up as a voice, picture, feeling, knowing or something else.

The more often You practice the technique of your choice the quicker and more effective You will become in quietening the chatter in your head.

If You are developing your psychic abilities You will probably get more information and be able to translate it more effectively if You practice these techniques as well.

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