Do you think virtual reality technology is only limited to 3D films and the world of gaming? Think again. While virtual reality has helped millions of gamers to capture their dreams and imaginations, it is equally effective in the business. For some, the newness and not so pocket-friendly costs of VR are intimidating. But with evolving technology, Virtual reality solutions are becoming more accessible to manage and more and more affordable. Let's see how you can harness VR to grow your business.

Engagement for Customers

In 2014 an Australian airline ran a three-month trial of VR headsets for their first class passengers. Through these virtual reality headsets, the passengers could experience the Great Barrier Reef. This experiment was a huge success, and the company also saw growth in the number of passengers travelling in the first class.

Similarly, many other companies, especially companies belonging to sports or pharma industry are experimenting with virtual reality solutions to keep their customers engaged. Educating customers via virtual reality about a specific illness has now become much more comfortable than explaining it through pictures.

Omni-Channel Marketing

Virtual reality has already started making massive changes in the marketing industry. In terms of shopping, eBay recently gave virtual reality a try, and it was a huge success. They created VR store that can be accessed via an app and a cardboard headset. The products were displayed according to the selection criteria of the user. The user could obtain all the information about the product just by gazing at it.

VR helps you in offering customers a seamless experience regardless of device or channel they are using to engage with your brand. Virtual reality shopping has great potential to take personalised shopping to a whole new level.

Working Remotely

In the US, the number of people working remotely or from home has increased by four per cent in the last five years. With the help of virtual reality, the trend of working remotely will be the next big thing for the working population. Virtual reality will make it easier for the employees to connect even when they are far. Facebook is already working on building virtual reality chatrooms. So, soon it will be possible that Facebook or any other organisation will come up with a virtual business community like Workplace by Facebook or a similar platform.

360-Degree Video

In the era of live streaming, even though the technology is still new and has a scope to develop, most of the social media users are already aware of the trend, making it familiar. From live streaming with a cellphone to areal or drone shoots, live streaming videos has covered a whole new vertical.

But with the rise of VR, even the way you shoot videos has changed. People are now enjoying 360-degree videos where you can move around and can feel like you are standing at that location. Imagine how thrilling it would be to see pyramids inside and out, sitting in your bedroom.

Try Before You Buy

You go to a shopping mall, visit your favourite store and head to the trial rooms to try your new shirt. Wait; there are no rooms. Instead, there are mirrors. Virtual reality powered mirrors that help you choose between the products and you can see the clothes on yourself without even wearing them. Won't that be amazing?

With these mirrors, you can choose different colour and size without trying it on. Shortly, VR mirrors will bring a revolution in the customisation sector. You will be able to see your designer or customised dress on yourself even before it is made.

A technology that improves your ability to connect with customers and build a better relationship is definitely worth giving a try. Virtual reality is going to be the future of the business world. So it is best to embrace it as soon as possible to stay ahead of the competition.

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