Are you looking for ways to get more comments from the blog readers who land on your site? Well if you are you're NOT alone since getting comments is one of the more visible signs your efforts are appreciated! On the other hand visitors may not be commenting due to a few slight oversights on your part! If getting more visitors to your site commenting is a goal of yours, here are 5 tips that should help you accomplish just that!

Promote Your Site

Perhaps just perhaps you're not getting comments simply because you're lacking the volume of traffic you need! Keeping your site updated with fresh content is very important but then again so is actively promoting your site! Do not rely on just search engine traffic to get visitors to your site! Share your links at social media sites and other blogs as well as submitting articles! You want and need to maintain some type of exposure on the internet and there are several strategies that will help you do this!

Offer Great Content

Having a steady flow of visitors to your site is great but if what you post is of little interest to your blog readers they likely won't comment! The backbone of your platform is the content you post so make damn sure it offers value of some sort to viewers!

Speak When Spoken To ...

This simply means to respond to all comments that require an obvious response! Just as important is to reply in a timely manner or people will think you've simply blown them off!

Ask Questions

When replying to visitors who leave a comment always try to ask questions as well! In this way you're 'opening the door' for your blog readers to respond back thereby keeping the conversation active! Even the most shy visitors to your site will eventually contribute to the discussion the longer it is maintained!

Invite Interaction

Much like a 'signature file' always include an invitation for blog readers to offer their input or opinions at the end of each post! Now this is something I do not always do and simply because it's an oversight on my part but trust me on this! As the saying goes 'you don't get if you don't ask' and this is especially true in terms of soliciting comments from those who land on your blog!

Most bloggers share a common goal which is to get more comments from the people who visit their site! In most cases getting comments from blog readers can be as simple as just asking the visitors to your site if they agree or disagree with what you just posted! However many bloggers are so preoccupied with writing that they tend to 'overlook' this aspect of their platform! If getting comments, or more of them, is your goal, the 5 tips offered above should put you on track to do so! If you've got any other tips or suggestions for getting comments please feel free to share by leaving them in the box below!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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