Each month, more than a billion users use Instagram. Instagram application, 500 million of them using the Instagram story feature each day. The users spend a lot of time scrolling through these segments of 15 seconds which is enough reason for you to make a lasting impression on your followers by using Instagram stories!

If you're brand unfamiliar with Instagram Stories or a complete expert this five tips and techniques can help you to increase the number of views:get view on Instagram

#1 Use the Location Sticker
One of the most effective ways to gain more views of the Instagram Stories is to add the location sticker. This sticker can be used to gain specific visibility on Instagram. If you include it in your story, it will be displayed in the search results of someone who searches the place! This will help you to reach out to people who aren't your immediate audience and who may have never had the opportunity to interact with you.

#2 Add Hashtags
Utilizing hashtags on the back of your Instagram post is something that we regularly make sure to do. However, you may apply the same method for your Instagram stories too. Based on the story's content you can choose appropriate hashtags. This is among the most effective ways to be noticed by new audiences and reaching out to your market.

#3 Post Content Consistently
Consistency is key to getting more numbers of views for Instagram stories! A single post per day could limit the ability of story posts to be seen by their public. The more often you publish stories more often, the more likely they are to show up closest to your profile's logo and to be seen by your fans.

But, it's not always possible to publish stories all day long and therefore posting at times of high activity can help! times such as times like 9 a.m. 1- p.m. and 8:30 p.m. typically work the best in all places! However, check your analytics to determine when your followers are the most active.

#4 Create Interactive stories
Stories on Instagram aren't a single way path, and it's important to continue engaging with your audience to make your stories more entertaining and enjoyable! Make use of the many stickers that are available on Instagram to get your followers to answer diverse questions, polls or other questions. If they feel that they're heard, it will help your posts be more popular with a wider audience.

#5 Mention Other Accounts
Tagging others Instagram users will automatically cause them to share the content you post on your IG story. This can give you boost in exposure and increases the visibility of your profile.

These tips should assist you in achieving success on Instagram stories! Poprey.com
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