Online marketers are always looking for ways to increase sales and in most cases feel this can be accomplished with more targeted traffic. Well more is not always better in terms of equating more site visitors with more profit considering the effort involved! You see most people have trust issues when it comes to spending money, and most especially online! It is actually their reluctance to believe what you are promoting is the right choice for them is what needs to be addressed! Targeted traffic is merely people who have an interest in what you offer but not necessarily a faith in what you say! On the other hand their faith can be strengthened by offering varying forms of reassurance!

Here are 5 examples of how you can increase the sales conversion of site visitors online by supplying them the reassurance they want and need!

Offer Incentives

In many cases when people have trust issues in regards to how they spend their income it is usually effective to 'sweeten' the offer! Their hesitancy is normally based upon whether their expenditure is worth the money but by adding more value to the offer this risk decreases!

Offer Testimonials

Another highly effective way to lend reassurance to hesitant buyers is through third party testimonies endorsing what you promote. Even with targeted traffic you are still going to have convince people to loosen their purse-strings. Having others who have already done so share their positive experience offers potential customers validation that the product claims are legitimate!

Show Benefits

Addressing the benefits site visitors can expect to experience with their purchase serves to further motivate them to take action. This is a reminder as to why they are even considering the purchase in the first place 'inching' them even further along in their decision making process.

Make Payment Easy

Take away any hesitation people may have to make a purchase by simplifying the buying process itself. You do NOT want to give them any reason to leave your page without making the purchase! Complicating the check-out process offers just enough of a hesitation for them to have second thoughts!

Your Guarantee

Making the claim that the product will work with 100% certainty is not as persuasive as a money back guarantee! Giving folks the reassurance if they are not happy they can return the product is a very effective and expected tactic to overcome any trust issues or doubts they have! They now view the transaction as low risk with high reward and are therefore more inclined to accept your offer!

One of the most popularly accepted ways to increase sales online is by increasing the flow of targeted traffic to your business. This is NOT however always the solution that will help increase the conversion rates of your site visitors. People in general have trust issues when faced with spending money on the internet and these issue need to be addressed! The 5 examples offered above serve to lend reassurance to folks helping to dispel any lingering doubts keeping them from spending money. You can drive boatloads of targeted traffic to your sites but if these doubts are not addressed, most will leave your page without spending a dime!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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