Having a family is a big responsibility. Whether you're home or away from home, you want your family to be safe. These five techniques and methods will help you keep your family safe.

1. Security When Traveling

When you're traveling or on vacation, you need to make sure your home is secure. Inform your post office of the dates you will be away from home, so they will hold your mail until you return. If you have a newspaper subscription, put it on hold, so no newspapers are delivered while you're gone. One obvious sign of no one being home and an invitation to burglars is an accumulation of mail and newspapers.

2. Get A Guard Dog

If you don't mind the company of a pet, get a guard dog. A guard dog will watch your home while you're away at work, running errands, or on vacation. A guard dog in addition to selecting one of many inexpensive home alarm systems that offer monitoring, is a great way to add an extra layer of protection for your family and home.

3. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Getting to know your neighbors is another way you can keep your family safe. Neighbors keep an eye on your home and let you or the authorities know of things that are out of place or strange. Your neighbors know you and your habits better than you realize. They know when you get your mail, when you go to work, and the approximate time you should be home. When things out of the ordinary happen, your neighbors will be the first to notice the change.

4. Keep Doors and Windows Locked

It's already understood that doors and windows should be locked when you leave the home, but you should keep them locked when you're in the home. Some burglars want what they want, and are not bothered by someone being home. Keeping your windows and doors locked is one way you can stay safe.

5. Spare Keys

Most people have spare keys hidden different places around their home in case they are locked out. There are a lot of different locations you can keep spare keys, but some hiding spots are more obvious than others, including under the welcome mat, under a flower pot on the porch, or in a lawn lamp. Be creative and find a spot that is not as obvious as common hiding spots.

There are a lot of different ways to keep your family safe, and these five ways will help get you on the right track. Your family is important. These five ways will help you go the extra mile to keep your family safe.

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