With our crazy busy lives we often find that we are overwhelmed with not only our "stuff" but the "stuff" of others. It's difficult to say no to all these requests that we get from or family, employer, friends, etc. As a result we become totally overwhelmed by our lives.

How many of these 5 things can you say yes too?

1. Lack of clarity and focus: Your mind is not focused on the tasks at hand because you are so busy jumping ahead in your mind on tasks that have yet to be performed. For example you may be sitting at work thinking about the project you are working on but your mind quickly moves from project to car pool, then to grocery list or the events to be attended during the weekend.

2. Getting sick a lot:Your immune system is lowered: It may not be a fullblown illness, but you're tired all the time and lack motivation.

3. Irritability and defensiveness:You find little things that you and others do as annoying and are easily drawn into arguments.

4. Poor sleep habits:You have trouble going to sleep at night and/or staying asleep. The sleep you do get does not leave you rested.

5. Disconnected from others and yourself:You have isolated yourself from your friends and loved ones. You don't find joy in being with them and you may have even become disconnected from yourself. You don't know what you enjoy anymore.

These are only 5 ways to tell if you are overwhelmed in your life but these are 5 very important guidelines to look at.

So, now that you see that you are overwhelmed with the things in your life, let's talk about ways to remedy the problem.

* Don't multi-task: One of the biggest causes for us to feel overwhelmed is "multi- taking"! We have so many thoughts and actions going on at one time that it is difficult to prioritize or do the work well. Instead of having 5 things going on at once, try as much as you can to really focus on one task at a time. Become mindful of what you are doing without moving on to something else until you are complete with the first task. This is a learned behavior. Being mindful is not easy for most of us as we are always overstimulated in our daily lives.

* Set long and short-term goals: Take the time to do this and it will decrease your stress immediately! Setting long and short-term goals will help you prioritize your life and you will have guidelines for when a task needs to be complete. That will reduce the, "I have to get it done NOW!" thought. You can make goals for your personal and work life which will help reduce stress on all levels.

* Keep physically active: I know you are thinking that you don't have time but if you followed the previous step you would have goals, timelines, and be able to manage your time more efficiently. I'm not talking about hours at the gym. I'm talking about getting up and taking a walk around the block, doing some stretching, dancing to some music, or playing with your dog! We all need those little breaks and physical activities during the day. You can definitely work up to some gym time like yoga, Zumba, or weights.

* Get creative: Sometimes we just need to get creative. When I find that I'm spending too much time thinking of business I just have to paint, make something, cook something, or even read a fiction book that allows me to use my imagination. We need that time to switch gears and give our brains a rest.

* Communicate: It is important that when you do feel overwhelmed that you admit that you are and communicate that to the ones it is affecting. Let them know that you need help. Delegate some things out. The world won't stop if you do! Also, connect with others who are facing the same kinds of stress. Communicating your needs will help you to let go of some of the need to control things.

If you feel that you are still having a difficult time feeling overwhelmed, then it might be time to seek out some other help. Get a massage, energy work, hypnosis, life coaching, or counseling. We all need a little help sometimes and if it makes your life and the life of those around you better, then it is well worth it.

You can beat the feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed! Follow the examples given and seek out help if you feel you just can't do it alone. It's good to have support!


Copyrighted by Annette Bingham

Author's Bio: 

Annette has been a gifted Holistic Wellness Practitioner for over 11 years. She began her journey working with people and animals as a Reiki Practitioner and went on to become a highly sought after Licensed Massage Therapist. As she worked more and more with people, she saw a need to expand her modalities in order to work on a deeper level with each individual. Over the years she has added an impressive array of healing modalities. Annette uses Reiki, Massage Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Theta Healing, Transpersonal Hypnosis, Raindrop Technique, Flower Essences, Energy Clearing and Retrieval. Annette skillfully designs each session for the individual to produce the maximum benefit. Because of the modalities that is used, many sessions can successfully be done at a distance which allows her to reach clients around the globe. Annette believes in giving the client tools to use so that they can take responsibility for their own wellness journey, which encompasses body, mind, and spirit.