What many people don’t realize is that any relationship starts with YOU! If your relationship and perception of yourself is minimal at best than you aren’t going to have the greatest of relationships because you are coming from a place of inner discontentment.
Here are some tips to help you develop a better relationship with yourself:

1. Compliment yourself: Every morning we are faced with a mirror which reflects our image and often many see something looking back that they don’t like and instantly start in on themselves. However, instead of starting in on yourself … compliment yourself! State 5 things you love about that person you are seeing in the mirror!

2. Know what YOU want: Many people know what they DON’T want, but when it comes to knowing what they WANT they often draw a blank. Write a list of what you don’t want and then in another column write the opposite of that …. READ the column of opposites and ask yourself, “Is this what I’m wanting?” Some will be and some won’t be … but you’ll have a better idea.

3. Top 5: Create a list of the top 5 things that you would like to experience this year. Then devise a plan of action to help you manifest them into reality.

4. Time with Self: Most people dislike themselves because they aren’t spending enough time with themselves and have forgotten WHO THEY ARE … instead, they become consumed with the beliefs and limitations that others in their “sphere of influence” place on them and that becomes their reality.

5. Monthly Gifts: It is essential that you appreciate YOURSELF! You must honor yourself and the work you do by giving back to yourself at LEAST twice a month. Ideas for giving back might be:

A day at the spa
Going to the Gym
Hiking in the Woods
Buying Yourself something YOU WANT!

Basically, it is doing things that will make YOU happy. This also helps reground your energy as well as revitalize your soul

Author's Bio: 

William Constantine is a beacon of light guiding others through words of empowerment for over a decade providing a foundation rooted in hands on experience as a professional psychic medium, spiritual and psychic counselor.