Leaving no stone unturned to promote your event?? How blissful it would be if someone else did it for you? Like your event attendees!!! Isn’t that too good to be true? Cheer up because this is possible and much easier than it seems to be. We share with you how you can make your attendees promote your event on their own. Have a look:

1. Share Interesting and Intriguing Content
If the content you are posting is worth sharing, the attendees will want to forward it further. Make sure what you share before the event is meaningful and builds a curiosity among the audience, whereas, during the event share something that gives them an insight to the entire setup and convinces them to show it to others as well.

2. Create Cool Merchandise
Surprise your first 25-50 visitors with special brand merchandise which they can wear, carry and flaunt wherever they go, indirectly promoting your event and brand name. It is an effortless yet a very effective way of promotions for your event.

3. Foster Connections with the Audience
Run campaigns and contests so indulge your audience in the event long before it happens and build a connection with them. This will make sure that they have all the good words to say about your event, which in turn gets noticed by ever more people.

4. Make the most of social media
Announce a giveaway for the attendees who actively promote the event on social media before and during the event. One of the newest ways is creating your own snapchat filter for the event. This way, the attendees will indulge in flooding their social media with your promotions to win exciting prizes. You can also have special goodies for those who are into live-blogging and share the insights of the event in a live bog directly from the venue.

5. Do not forget hashtags!!
Create a catchy and fun to use hashtag for your event and ask your attendees to use it in all their posts. Make the hashtag viral so that your attendees use it while sharing their selfies and other moments from the event.

Now that you know how you can get your attendees do the promotions for you, so get going and let the wheels roll to an amazing event!!! For further online promotions and to increase your ticket sales, list your event at www.citywoofer.com.

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