Like the other social media platforms, Pinterest is no less. If your business is not being active on that yet, you are missing out something crucial. This social network is having a monthly user base of 150 million! It is such a platform which can let users visually share and discover thrilling new interest by typically ‘pinning’ and ‘posting’. Moreover, like any other type of marketing, Pinterest marketing is touching new heights of e-commerce sales very soon.

Pinterest for e-commerce has become an obvious fact. The statistics say that 93% of Pinterest members make use of this channel to purchase their favorite products.

Do you want to use Pinterest for e-commerce?

Here is some excellent Pinterest marketing strategies which can boost up your e-commerce sales like never before.

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1. Select your Pins Cautiously

When it comes to pinning on Pinterest, choose quality over quantity. It is one of the basic rules which every business owner should be aware of. Of course, the volume is a major aspect when it comes to pins, being consistent is the real mantra. You need to pin all your new things and it will automatically engage users regularly. However, as Pinterest is a visual medium, you need to make sure that the images you are including are enticing enough.

Also, the relevant statistics by Yotpo reveal that the brand images which have no faces receive 23% more sales than the ones with faces. So, Pinterest is all about product photography and you need to make the best use of it if you’ve had that sort of photography as your skill.

Also, some other significant things that you should keep in mind while choosing the pins are:

# The right color plays a major role. When it’s about Pinterest, the right color scheme is more worthy rather than a single color pin.

# Make use of pinterest business tools and consult the analytics to figure out what is perfect for your target audience.

# The product pictures that you will include should be sized properly within the minimum width range of 600 pixels while maintaining the ideal size to be 736 pixels. The taller images have more chance to get repinned in Pinterest.

2. Go for popular trends that are beneficial

Obviously, it is always great to be unique but sometimes all that you need to do is just go with the existing flow. When it’s about Pinterest, it means that you should follow the trends.

For example, the seasonal content attains equal popularity online as compared to what happens in the traditional shops. All such pins which indicate major holidays, seasons, and events can entice a lot of attention. You just have to understand what your audience wants and make sure that you are following their interest.

3. Opt for the expertise of influencers

It is always advantageous to work with bloggers and influencers on Pinterest. It can let more and more people know about your products on this platform. Let a renowned guest Pinner come up with a board on your account and that’s it. It will certainly attract a huge crowd. Howbeit, here, what you should keep in mind that the Pinterest influencers whom you are working with also serve the same customers as your business.

4. Showcase your products realistically

People always use Pinterest to research new things and get an idea about them before making a purchase. Hence, it is always recommended to display your products with other complementary products. It will give the users a clear idea of how to use your products. The images of the things that you are selling which you will display on Pinterest must include infographics or certain visual lists.

Check out a few examples of the right way of displaying products on Pinterest:

# If you are selling some kind of ornaments, customers might like seeing them how to wear them with a dress.

# The pins which depict ‘How to guides’ also seem to be useful for customers as they can show them how to use your products.

# When you are marketing a decorative pillow, let it be displayed on the couch or bed.

5. Pin constantly in a day

E-commerce sales happen all throughout the day. So, your Pinterest marketing strategy should be curated in such a way that your customers get something new from you always. Hence, while using Pinterest for e-commerce, try to pin at least 10-15 times per day. If it is possible for you, let the number rise up to 20-25 times to enhance your e-commerce sales up to a huge extent.

Social media for e-commerce should be always updated and when it comes to Pinterest, this one of the smartest tricks to do so. In fact, you can make use of the Pinterest scheduling tools which will help you pin throughout the day very easily. Thus, the graph of your e-commerce sales will be always spiked up. This Pinterest marketing strategy is one of the most organized ones because you can upload all your pins for the day together and then release them at different times through the apps.

Moreover, you can try to schedule your pinning during the busy times. For that, you need to figure out first when customers are visiting your page more. For example, if it is between 7 PM- 9 PM, you can plan to pin more during that particular time of the day. It will skyrocket the Pinterest engagement for your business incredibly.

Wrapping Up

Of course, social media for e-commerce is massive and Pinterest is an integral part of it. Just follow the aforementioned smart tricks and you will achieve amazing results in a very short period of time. Pinterest for e-commerce can prove to be one of the best marketing platforms if used strategically and excellently.

Keep pinning and keep enhancing your e-commerce revenue!

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