Marriage can get boring. And when it's boring - it's usually because of bad sex. Your husband's maybe just not that into you any more. Or he is - you just don't know which switch to turn on in him. Spice it up a bit, your sex life could be far more interesting. Here's 5 real life ways to make sex more interesting for your husband and yourself.

1. Get out of the box. Having sex just in your bedroom is boring. Attack him in the kitchen, give him oral on your way driving somewhere. Surprise him with a blow job when he least expects it. Initiate things by yourself, don't expect him to do everything and put all the fault/responsibility on him. You should take the lead if you want change, and you'll get it. When I say get out of the box, I'm talking about really getting outside of the box.

Go beyond your current sexual boundaries. You didn't have anal sex yet? Try it. You only give your husband oral once a year for his birthday (if he's "lucky") - hell no. If it's like that, you have the wrong attitude. Pleasing your husband should be your number one goal, give and you'll get back. But give, without expecting anything back. Give because you love him and his pleasure is your pleasure. That will make sex a lot more interesting for your husband.

2. Find out what your husband really wants in bed. First of all - it's not just in the bed, don't limit your sex life to the bedroom. There's the floor, the car, the kitchen, the bathroom, in some bungalow far away - the options are limitless. Next, figure out what your husband really wants, not what he says he wants. Often he won't tell you what he really wants because he's afraid of your reaction, or you might think he's "sick in the head."

Find out what his fantasies are but what you never did. Maybe he wants to tie you up to the bed, or have sex with you and your girlfriend together, who knows. Find out. Go beyond your boundaries and have fun. If you are the woman that fulfills all his fantasies, he'll never need another woman in his life. Sex will be a lot more interesting when you get more open about it and stop being judgmental, just let go and be free.

3. Start acting like a Porn Star, no - become his personal Porn Star. Men watch porn. There's obviously something there that turns them on. What is it? It's more of a mental than a physical thing. Guys are turned on by women that crave their "love potion" more than anything in the world. And that's how Porn Stars are displayed. If talking dirty, swallowing and being your husbands (e.g. masters) "slave" is a new thing to you, be sure it's not new to him.

And sex sure as hell would be more interesting with you if you were naughtier. No, he won't look down on you, (except if you are on your knees pleasuring him) on the contrary - he'll appreciate your efforts to please him (a lot), as long as you don't make a "I'm doing this just to please you, and you own me one" look on your face. Do it for your own pleasure, and as a result, he'll get a lot more pleasure out of it.

4. Role play, role play, and role play some more. Sex can be a wonderful illusion. People have fantasies, and role-playing makes it a lot more interesting. Have fun with it, be everything you want to be and everything he'd like you to be. Fulfill both of your fantasies, in an imaginary world. I'm not saying you should beat him up with a belt and put a ball in his mouth, but you know - be creative, have fun with it. Be more devoted and submissive sometimes, have slow, sensual sex sometimes, and a hardcore "quicky" in his office another time. It's better if you give him oral than his secretary, right?:)

5. Learn how to give your husband incredible oral sex. This is one of the best ways you can make sex more interesting for him, by making it your goal to give him the best oral of his life. Few women know how to do this properly, and even if you think you are great already, there's always room for improvement. Mastering the art of oral is like having a skill every man wants his wife or girlfriend to have (even though they may not admit it to you).

Giving your husband surprise BJ's in the morning, or just as he gets home from work will make him want you a lot more. There should never be a time when he has to give you "hints" and tap you on the shoulder to "go south", you should do it because you love to do it, initiate it when he doesn't expect it, because you "need it;)." Let go and be sexy and flirtatious with your husband, let him know you desire him and that he turns you on. All of this will make sex more interesting for both of you, you'll start and he'll follow.

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