Social Media is the god of all digital communications and seeking help from the same and can result in heaps of SEO boost. Here are a few tips that might come handy for those looking to make their Social Media work on boosting their SEO.

Content is the key:

One of the most commonly heard terms about SEO is that ‘Content is the Key.’ It is true. Content surely is the key. However, it’s important to understand the difference between smart work and hard work. Don’t try to create content all the time. Know how to make the same content turn into an evergreen post by using tools like Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the most sought after destination for creating both searchable as well as shareable content. Make use of such social platforms to help boost your SEO and gain better search rankings.

Creating local listings:

On Google+, make sure that your business has a local listing and includes your address and other such applicable information. This allows your target audience or customers to directly review your business/company/brand on Google. This helps since Google recommends businesses with the highest reviews first in their list.

On Facebook, make sure that your business page has a list of locations or map of places your business is available at. This isn’t just helpful for social media but also makes it easier for the customers to find you and check into the page. This helps better your local SEO and location specific rankings.

Growing your following:

Pages that have a vast number of high-quality followers have better search rankings. High-quality followers are nothing but real-time followers that provide real engagement and reach on your blog/website/Youtube channel. You can find such engagement in the form of liking, commenting, sharing a post on Facebook, retweeting a tweet on Twitter or repinning a pin on Pinterest.

Search engines look out for a social signal to locate your frequency of posts that get published on your social media channels, the kind of engagement you receive from the same and if there are available tools for the visitors for social sharing available.

However, one cannot outsmart the algorithm by buying fake likes, have bot visitors, or spam accounts. Google can penalize you with lower rankings due to the same and Facebook might end up suspending your account.

Link Building With Social Media Channels:

Earlier, Google valued link building in their search engine ranking, irrespective of the quality of links build. Digital users and website owners figured the link building approach and started manipulating their ranking with low-quality or fake links to their site. This led to Google only focusing on high-quality links.

Links on social platforms are considered as higher quality links since social sites have a higher web authority. A newly opened Facebook page is likely to rank higher compared to its website due to Facebook’s overall high authority.

Here’s what you need to consider: In addition to directing traffic to your site, including a working link to your website, not just in the content, but also in every social media profile you own. This practice is highly valuable for building links.

To build links within the content, you can exercise posting new products or blog posts to your social media profiles and pages to encourage the process of sharing it with peers. For example, a website owner can rightly create relevant Youtube videos for each of their blogs and articles posted on the site and embed it to the post. This helps to capitalize high web authority and also increases search rankings and sends traffic to the site.

Using Keywords in your social posts:

The key to run a good website, blog or paid social media ad campaigns is knowing the right set of keywords. One of the best ways to rank higher in search engines is by using keywords in your pins and boards, on Pinterest. In a similar fashion, executing keyword research can benefit your Youtube videos and can bring in quality traffic, not only to your channel but also to your website and blog, if they’re listed in the profile. Also, use of keywords on Facebook can help devise your SEO and search rankings for the better.

But, make sure you use the right keyword for your content to direct your users back to the site. Randomly fitting in keywords wouldn’t be beneficial and can result in low rankings.

Making use of social media as a marketing tool can be highly valuable, and can add up more value when you leverage it to increase SEO. There are numerous changes coming up time and again when it comes to SEO. However, social media can play a major role in helping one improve their search rankings and SEO.

Author's Bio: 

Abhishek Shah is the co-founder of Ally Digital Media by Bee Online Communication Pvt. Ltd.. He helps companies to increase their revenue via digital sales.