All businesses whether spiritually-focused or not can face slow times or downtimes throughout the year. Now we can just accept this as just a given and ride it out as best we can, or we can combine the best of traditional business methodology with our spiritual toolbox and make the most of it.

So even though I have to say that it goes against the grain to use the format of 5 or 10 ways to achieve this or that; this time I’m going to go with it. That’s because the numbered format, in this case, illustrates perfectly the benefits of combining traditional marketing tools with our deep desire to act from an authentic and aligned space in our spiritual businesses. Read on for my spiritually-aligned biz tips.

1. Cash Flow Projections Can Aid Your Downtimes

If as a spiritual entrepreneur you shy away from the specifics of business such as cash flow projections and operating revenues, this tip is a good way to feel more in alignment with these nuts and bolts aspects of a business.
Downtimes in this instance equals time to reflect and go inwards and allow yourself to be inspired by your inner team. Allow them to support you in coming up with easy ways to average out your income during off-peak periods.

If you tend to experience a fall in income due to certain products or services not being designed to take up the slack when downtimes occur, then your cash flow projections need to incorporate that. Ask your inner team to inspire you with how that can be done in a way that feels intuitive and inspired to you.

You’ll either have an immediate inspiration of how that can be done in an aligned way, be led to the right resource for someone else to do that for you, or receive very practical advice like not planning to purchase large ticket items in that income period.

2. Create New Income Streams

It may be worth your while to explore new income streams during the slower periods. Again go within and ask practical questions such as:

‘How can I support other businesses who are actually experiencing an increase in income flow during this period, in ways that create more revenue for my business?
What’s the best way to connect with those businesses? Knowing that you’ll be led and guided from that point on.
Is offering new workshops or training a viable option for me or my business right now, and if it is, what is it that wants to be created, that is in divine flow and divine order?

Can I create a new product or service that targets other businesses who are also going through a down time right now and if yes, how can we make that mutually supportive?
Again, go within, listen, take note and follow through with aligned and inspired action. Inspired action is always simple. It’s click on this link, watch this video, go to that event, read that old document you forgot about etc. Each subsequent action then follows on from the previous one, effortlessly.

3. Start Exploring New Options

It doesn’t have to feel bad if you’re experiencing a dip in income right now. Use the downtime to shop around for better deals and suppliers. Get started on your tax return, yes even that can feel inspired if you tune in. Update your accounts and tidy up your invoices – you know the ones you’ve got stuffed in a box somewhere, or that are languishing away in PayPal, or lost somewhere in your email account.

If you do this, not only will you feel less flustered, but your business will benefit from your focused attention in these areas. This downtime also means you’ll have time to go to more networking events or keep abreast of new developments in your field. Use the extra time wisely and you’ll reap the benefits, long term.

4. Put Together Discounts or New Packages for Existing Items

You may have items that don’t sell so well on their own, but when put together in a new way, they might suddenly appeal to your clients or customers in ways they hadn’t before. This works particularly well if you sell digital items. These can be created quickly and then be re-packaged, to provide passive income streams throughout the year. Great for those slumps!

Even physical items can be offered at a discount for a limited period, and without having to go into poke-at-the-pain marketing, you can offer them with real integrity knowing that the right people will purchase them. To make sure you’re in aligned energy, again go within and ask what combination of services or products will serve my clients/customers most, and are aligned with divine will. Listen deeply, then act.

5. Take A Holiday!

If your business allows, then this might be the perfect time to schedule some time off. Whether that’s for a couple of weeks or a couple of days, use these reduced income periods, to refresh yourself and review your vision and goals. It doesn’t have to cost anything, you can turn off the phone, switch of the internet and have your personal retreat at home. You can get out into nature and just breathe again.

If you have the funds then go to that spa for replenishment and relaxation. Listen to some uplifting teachers or speakers, who reconnect you with who you truly are and remind you that everything is an expression of the One that created us all. Then when you return to your business activity your ideas can flow from an inspired and aligned space and you’ll have more energy to naturally implement those ideas too. Every cloud and all that!

In Summary:

Recognise that it’s worth your while to acknowledge the upturns and downturns in your spiritual biz. Planning can be a beautiful thing when you see that it allows you greater freedom over time, especially when it’s aligned with your core spiritual values. Think creatively and intuitively.

Don’t be afraid to take a new look at your offerings, services, costing and pricing, to see if they are still in alignment with who you are and how your business wishes to express. Explore mutually affirming, joint-venture opportunities and be open to creating passive income streams that feel inspired to you. Remember, go within, tune in, be guided from that place and don’t panic. All is unfolding in perfection, always. Let that be your truth…

Author's Bio: 

Yve Anmore works primarily with conscious entrepreneurs, conscious creatives and spiritual seekers, helping them to identify and shift the fear blocks holding them back from creating a life they love. She has an B.A. in Development Economics, a diploma in print, radio and web, journalism and is a certified workshop facilitator and spiritual life coach. She's highly creative and is an author, poet and talented singer and songwriter too. She's the author of: 'Musings On the Path' A powerful sharing of the Path of The Open Heart: Through the medium of essays, articles, poetry and even modern-day parables.