Let’s agree, losing your dog after years of being together is arguably the most heartbreaking experience ever that any pet owner has to face. Sadly, no one can offer a precise remedy of the grief that has to come when you’ve seen your beloved dog cross that rainbow bridge. The house becomes quieter. Your routine of walks, treats, meals, and snuggles is suddenly gone. But when you realize that life will have to go on with or without him, there’s no way through the grief, but through it. To help with the grieving, you may consider having something special to honor your loyal friend’s memories.

Want to keep Fido in your life forever? Grieving pet owners around the world have turned out to various ways to immortalize their beloved pets. Today, we’re showcasing some of the most beautiful ways to memorialize your dog. Would you try any of these 5 methods?

1. Plant a Tree in Your Pet’s Honor

For a more eco-friendly and less costly option, you can get a biodegradable urn specially designed to turn your pet’s ashes into a tree. Planting a tree like this will create a lasting memory that will live for many years to come. However, there is something sad about planting a tree in your yard and then leaving it behind when you move. In this case, you can consider planting a tree in a national forest for your pet’s memory. You may not watch this tree grow from your kitchen window but you can always have a visit to the forest in which the tree(s) have been planted.

Let’s agree, strong healthy trees have numerous benefits to all living creatures who share the universe. From environmental gains to the social advantages we enjoy when looking at the beauty in our landscape. Having trees around us not only benefits us but also gives us joy. So, what a better way to honor your beloved one in your life than to plant trees? By planting trees in the memory of your pet, you honor them with a lasting symbol while sharing a healthier world with everyone.

2. Create Customized Portrait

There’s nothing as a beautiful as an artist-created painting to create a keepsake of your loved one for years to come. You can seek the services of creative artists who can work from a photograph to paint or draw a portrait of your pet. All you need to do is find a high-quality picture of your pet and particularly one that shows your pet’s nature. It could be their picture playing with their favorite toy, taking a picture in the sun or just hanging out being herself. The best part is it’s easy to find professional and talented artists to capture the unique details that made your pet exactly who he or she was. Should you decide to get a portrait of your pet, it is important to look at the artist’s work beforehand to ensure you like his or her style. In addition to commemorating a pet, a customized portrait adds to the creative décor of your home.

3. Create a Replica Plush Animal

Another great way to memorialize your dog is to have a plush replica created. Instead of cloning your pet which – let’s admit, a little bit creepy and expensive, you can make a plush animal that looks exactly like your pet. There are many plush replica makers who can create a plush toy that matches your pet’s colors and conformation as closely as possible. All you have to do is send a few pictures from different angles and the maker will create a stuffed animal clone of your pet. This happens to be a cute and cuddly way you can always keep close and snuggle with whenever you want. Well, it’s not the same but it definitely is unique to remember your pet in a positive manner.

4. Wear a Pet Customized Necklace

A classy way to remember your pet is by having a keepsake like a special piece of jewelry. One of the most creative ways to do this is to take imprints of your pet’s nose and use it to make cast metal pendants. Dog nose necklace charms are especially popular after the loss of a beloved pet as they look so unique – each charm comprises of a personalized print of a dog’s nose cast in gold or silver. Other necklace ideas after a dog loss include charms engraved with pet names or paw prints of your dog. Should you choose this route, consider investing in a memorial necklace with your dog’s remains. There are also numerous crafts shops that can create great-looking jewelry from an impression of your dog’s paws or nose. Alternatively, you can also buy a necklace to remember your pet online. It’s easy to find creative designs online to wear around the neck and over your heart.

5. Create a Photo Album or Video

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that make the biggest difference in our lives. In this age of camera phones and selfies, there’s a good chance that you have a couple of images and videos of your beloved pet that you could use to create a memorable tribute to your dog. The good thing is that there is numerous computer software such as Movie Maker for PC which makes it relatively easy to come up with a slideshow or movie of your pet images. You can then share the slideshow with your family and other people who loved the dog. You may even consider creating a professionally printed photo book from the images and keep it as a memory. That way, you memorize your dog and have something to take you through the grief and to remind you of the special bond you shared with your best friend.


If you recently lost your dog, we wish to offer you our condolences. Losing a pet is never easy, but having something to remember them can always offer a little help. These are just a few of many ways by which you can remember your deceased dog forever and demonstrate your eternal love for them. If you have other great ways that you have memorialized your pet’s life, please share with us below.

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