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Do you find it hard to make a decision? A lot of people experience this problem and even live with it for most of their lives. This may sound like a small problem that may cause a little nuisance from time to time, but in reality, the inability to make decisions can hold you back in life. Surely you have a lot of plans and goals. Your indecisiveness can put them on hold or even in danger as you will be unable to decide whether to start that business, take that vacation, enter that relationship, take that promotion, and so on.

So when faced with a decision, best keep these five things in mind:

1. Not deciding is already a decision. The inability to decide often automatically makes a decision for you. If you don’t decide, that means you don’t do anything. So regardless of whether it’s negative or positive, nothing happens. You let things run their course. This sign of proactive leaves the universe in control, not you. It makes you feel safe because you don’t have to be responsible. But does it get you anywhere?

If you want to achieve your goals and attain maximum fulfillment in life, you have to say goodbye to the habit of not making decisions. If you stay with that habit, it might feel safe but ultimately you’ll also feel unsatisfied.

2. A decision should be followed by an action. Sometimes people get the illusion that they already make a decision. But remember, if a decision is not followed by an action, it’s not really a decision at all. It’s more like a plan or an idea. For example, you decide to take that vacation you’ve been dreaming about, but you don’t do anything about it. You just promise yourself to go sometime in the future. That’s not really a decision. A decision is when you go online and book a ticket already.

3. Ask the simple but complicated question. One short question but it often gets people all mixed up and confused: “what do I want?” That’s the question you need to ask to be able to make decisions. It’s a very simple question, but most people don’t really know how to answer it.

One way of knowing what you want is getting in touch with your inner self. Meditation practices and spending time alone with your thoughts can help you figure things out. So when making a major decision, take your time and reflect before you do anything.

4. Don’t be afraid. Most people have difficulty making decisions because they are afraid. They fear the pressure or the responsibility that comes with making decisions. Or they fear that they’ll make the wrong decisions, that once they set the wheels in motion, the ride is going straight downhill.

5. Bag a positive attitude. A positive attitude built out of positive emotions is the key ingredient in making positive decisions. So one way to cure your indecisiveness is to develop a more positive attitude. This way, you won’t feel scared or anxious each time you are faced with a decision to make. Instead, your positive attitude will help you see opportunities and new ideas in every decision that you need to make.

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