We all cringe at the thought of replacing a room’s carpet. There’s a lot of work involved in disconnecting all electronics, moving heavy dressers, and basically emptying the floor. Carpet installation Alpharetta experts know how they go around it, but ordinary homeowners may find the work overwhelming.

There’s really no way of making carpet installation work-free, but with the right preparation you can make the task easier. Here are five things that will lighten the burden associated with carpet installation.

  1. Pull off your carpet

Pulling up your old carpet might be the greatest money saver in this entire ordeal. Look at it this way, carpet installation Marietta professionals will charge you about $2 per square yard for pulling off your carpet. If you live in atypical 200 square yard home you will spend at least $400 for this alone. That’s the amount of money you’ll save by pulling off and disposing your carpet. You’ll be charged for disposal, but you will still have change from the $400.

  1. Move your furniture

You may be thinking the real reason why you’re hiring carpet installation Alpharetta to do the installation is so you don’t do any hard work. Installers are more than willing to move the furniture for you as they do heavy lifting on a daily basis. But if you’re have an extra pair of hands to help you with this, you could save both money and time. Installers will also not be as careful with your furniture as you would wish them to be, so the best way to avoid any damages is to do the moving on your own, but with close monitoring by you.

Even if you have money to pay installers for cleaning the room, there are still items carpet installation Marietta will shy away from moving. TV’s and other electronics, pool tables, pianos, water beds and other delicate valuables are all things you must plan to move on your own or with help from someone else who is not from the installation company.  It’s recommended that you insure the very expensive things in your home so that in case of any accident you have a back-up for replacement.

  1. Assess the door and molding heights

A new carpet will tend to rub against the bottom of the door which may damage it. Carpet installation companies recommend cutting off some part at the bottom of the door to allow for a thick pad to fit well. Another thing that should be checked in good time is the baseboard (moldings) which should be set high enough to allow the carpet to be tucked under.


Your house can be left in complete disarray if you didn't prepare well for carpet installation or carpet repair. Have a maintenance plan (which includes purchasing a vacuum), have some touch up paint to freshen the walls if need be, but most importantly hire experienced carpet installation experts for the job.

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