In talking with peers and clients this past year, I came to an interesting conclusion; the creativity we have as children is displaced by the go-go-go epidemic we find ourselves in as adults. Did you while away the hours as a kid day dreaming, drawing or reading? These activities all are rooted in your creative brain.

Going through adolescence and school and into adulthood we over-schedule ourselves (and our kids) which leaves little time to contemplate what we dream of doing, then actually doing it. If we left our kids time and freedom to find their own way we would be faced with fewer attention disorders and we would foster more independent skills.

Once we replace creative time and space with do-ing activities, we turn our attention and receive reassurance and stimulation from outside sources instead of from within.

Regaining creativity teaches the brain to solve problems from the inside out instead of looking to outside stimuli to fix a problem.

These are some very simple and effective ways to regain your creativity:

1. Journal or Draw - Writing sparks creativity. It ignites your right-brain where your creative center lies. Write and draw in color; this is the time to ditch the black pen and the neat handwriting as see what hidden talents you have. Let it flow.

2. Move your body - There is nothing more stimulating to your mind than physically moving your body in positive, enjoyable ways, be it hiking, jogging, resistance training, yoga, or sex; just get moving.

3. Acknowledge what you already create. Do you cook? Repair things that are broken? Tend a garden? Some of my life-long endeavors are cooking, growing things, writing, and in the past I was an avid photographer. all rooted in creativity.

4. Learn a new skill - In the past few years, I have dabbled in a bit of home remodeling which then led to tile and mosaic works. It was through mosaics that I found my love for glass and color.

5. Create something - stop over-thinking about not being creative and just do. What do you like to do? What do you dream about? Start journaling about those things and you may find a new pursuit.

Your creative brain can be stimulated in so many ways and each way starts with self-exploration.

Do you acknowledge you are a creative being?

How do you nurture your creativity?

What are your hobbies or career pursuits that are creative?

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