Adapt to change and new methods. As things change you must change. Instead of getting upset when things change, be the first to jump on board. Your enthusiasm for change and adaptability can increase your value in the workplace. Change is an opportunity to grow.

Be a team player. Volunteer to lend a helping hand when needed. Find ways to make those you work with more successful. As you build them up, you rise to another level.

Continue to learn. In order to keep earning, you must keep learning. Attend classes and workshops that will give you the winning edge in the workplace. This will help you to continue growing personally and professionally.

Deliver excellence in everything that you do . Always go above and beyond what is required. Develop the reputation for delivering excellence. A reputation for excellence will open up new opportunities and expand your network which will expand your net worth.

Become a problem solver. Instead of just stating the problems within your organization, be a problem solver and solution provider. Look for ways to save your organization time, money and increase their productivity. This makes you an asset to your organization. Problems can present possibilities.

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Winning thoughts from Mike Howard’s book titled

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Success Begins Within


• A bad attitude is like a flat tire. You are not going anywhere until you change it.

• Growth is the ability to do what is uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable.

• Extraordinary people will CREATE more opportunities than they find.

• Problems are not placed in our lives to obstruct us but to instruct us.

• Build a reputation for always delivering more than is expected.

• Commit yourself to learning more than you are asked to learn.

These and many more inspiring stories are included in the book,

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Success Begins Within


A Baltimore TV producer told Oprah Winfrey she was "unfit for television news."

Walt Disney was fired by a Florida newspaper because he had no creative ideas but he went on to develop the Magic Kingdom.

Dr. Robert Jarvik was rejected by 15 American medical schools. Later in his career, Dr. Jarvik invented the artificial heart.

Sidney Poitier, Academy Award winning actor, was told after his first audition to stick to washing dishes.

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