Most women are extremely happy after childbirth because they feel as if they have crossed the threshold to a very fresh part of their lives. A wee bit of depression finds its way into this happiness as you and your significant other realize that the intense an exhilarating sex you have been having all this time is now going to be much more dilute.
This is mainly because your vagina has stretched to its limit which is absolutely normal because you literally just pushed an entire human being through it! But nevertheless many women do feel a little bit of post-partum depression because of this.
Fortunately for you all, there are some ways to naturally tighten your vag without going through too much trouble! You can go back to having intense sex just the way you used to just by following these natural remedies:

Okay, so most of the solutions we have for you are exercise based. This is because exercise based methods are the most natural ones. And amongst the best exercise methods, we have kegels. Kegels are basically pelvic floor muscle exercised that increase the integrity of your muscles down there.
Simply tighten your pelvic muscles, hold for 30-40 seconds, release and repeat. Do this exercise for a couple of minutes every day and you will surely notice a difference when you have sex again!

A lot of yoga exercises involve stretching pelvic muscles. This includes any exercises that make you work your leg and hip region like the child pose, and the half-bridge pose. When you stretch these muscles and the other muscle groups that surround them, your muscles tighten and maintain their integrity. Yoga will also help you clear that post-partum depression you have probably been feeling.

Good Sex
You might not want to stop having sex just because your vagina is a little bit loose. This is because the best exercise for your vagina includes sex and the advantages to your muscles are increased fivefold when you orgasm during your intercourse session.
So ask your significant other to help you out here. When you put your little tyke to sleep every night, make sure you have enough energy remaining to have a good intercourse session. You will notice a difference just a week or so after starting this regime!

Vaginal Cones
Vaginal cones basically help you with vaginal exercises. You get a set of cones with weights attached to them. What you have to do is insert the cone in your vagina and try to hold it in using just your vaginal muscles. Start with the lightest one and move on to the heavier ones and they will certainly make a difference.

Estrogen-Rich Foods
Other than physical means, you can also improve your diet to suit the muscles of your vaginal area. The best diet includes foods that are rich in estrogen like soybean, fenugreek, pomegranate, and carrots. Other foods that will help you out are lean cuts of red meat and sour foods like pickles and vinegar.

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Martyna Hollis is happily married and has two little ones. She is one of the co-founders of and She helps other married women to achieve better vaginal health using different methods.