As your business is doing pretty well, the last thing you would want is to regret for committing some silly web design mistakes while introducing your business on the online platform. Every business requires a professional website to gain new customers, establish their credibility, and nurturing their relationship with the clients. If you want your website perform beyond your expectation, ensure that it provides:

• A user-friendly customer experience
• A steady flow to leads coming from the targeted audience
• Ongoing sales

For an ideal website providing all these benefits, first, you should avoid five mistakes most businesses commit during the designing process. In this article, we’ll uncover those five mistakes. Before delving into the details, let’s start from the scratch. While developing a brand new website, you should reflect on a couple of basic questions; these are:

• What goals do you want your website to serve?
• Who are your target customer?
• How would you like to drive traffic to your website?
• Who is going to update the website and how often would you want to update the website?

If you have decided to hire a renowned web design company Australia, you should let them know your opinion on these issues.

By considering these facts, you will be aware from the very beginning and will be able to avoid any kind of major mistakes.

If you already have a website, you need to learn which mistakes can affect your website design and how to avoid them. First, clearly outline a web strategy. Then reflect on the mistakes discussed below to minimize the chances of committing them.

1. Absence of a clear call to action

If you miss out an effective call to action, many opportunities may slip out of your hands. An ideal call to action should help a customer find out “what”, “where”, and “how”.

What is this call to action?

Call to action is a tool to draw attention of your visitors. It pushes the visitors to take some sorts of initiatives. Sometimes call to action is used to let the visitors know what s waiting for the next. It should be written like a persuasive command and you need to attach a link or button to this command.

For a better call to action, you can describe the value of your offerings. This description should be inserted in an appealing phrase that instigates the visitor for taking an action.

A few tips on designing call to action

• Make it easily noticeable
• Keep the message simple and straightforward
• Don’t experiment too much with the wording of the call to action

Let’s have a glimpse of some effective instances of call to actions:

• Add to Cart
• Get in touch
• Let’s get started
• Sign up now

The best web design company in Australia knows how to place a call to action in the best possible way.

2. Lack of analytics to measure performance

Don’t you look a vital data behind your site’s use? Then you are doing it wrong. 75% of small business sites overlook the importance of analytics tools to measure the site’s performance. Think your website as an investment. One of the crucial things you need to do in order to protect this investment is to assess the progress and measure the success. One of the major benefits online marketing is the opportunity of testing, tracking, and adjusting. You are allowed to track your website progress with metrics tools, such as Google Analytics. By deploying this tool, you will be able to detect design errors as well. If your site is built on WordPress, then you will have a number of free plugins available before your hands.

3. Poor Search Engine Optimization

A successful website design must be SEO-friendly. If you fail to make your design SEO-friendly, then it would be useless. You might be thinking which aspects regarding your design may affect the SEO. These are:

• User-interface
• Website load speed
• Eye catching call to action

4. Absence of content info

Website acts as your online shop or office. Every website design should provide their contact information so that the customers can get in touch. If your design places the contact info in a place where visitors find it difficult to locate, they may get frustrated and leave your website. Therefore, choose a design where contact information can be easily detected.

5. Lack of mobile site experience

These days, most users prefer browsing the internet on their mobile and smart devices. Therefore, your design must be mobile responsive. Nowadays, many businesses are looking for a mobile web design; it is also a good option. If your mobile users fail to browse your site on mobile, you may slip out plenty of opportunities. Moreover, Google has started using Google’s First Mobile Indexing. This indexing is being used to monitor both desktop and mobile sites. Therefore, no business can survive without having a mobile website or a mobile responsive website design.

However, an experienced web design company in Australia will always suggest their clients to develop a mobile responsive design.

A Final Takeaway

It is not possible for a business owner to pay attention to all the technical details stated above. Therefore, to avoid the mistakes and launch a perfect website, hiring professionals has always been a wise decision.

Author's Bio: 

Iain Campbell is one of the eminent technical, who is associated with a leading web design company Australia. He has produced a number of informative blogs on topic such as how to find our best web design company in Australia and how to nail latest web designing trends.