Attending a wedding is a wonderful experience and is a joyous moment when two people walk down the aisle with their promise of a lifetime commitment and togetherness. Every guest wants to give a heartwarming gift to the couple to show their love and happiness. However, this is not an easy task not only because you want to avoid giving a similar gift as other guests but because you want your gift to be special and at the same time is useful for the happy couple.

Here are 5 wedding gift ideas to help you decide what to give for the couple that you care for.

  1. Personalized Gift. Simple gifts such as picture frames or pillows can turn into a memorable gift when they are personalized. If you have a skill, you can create a portrait of the couple whether through painting, sketch, or photo editing. If you’re not, there are plenty of options: you can make a collage and put it on a frame or purchased an item at stores that offers customization and have the couple’s name or initials on the item along with their wedding date. The best part is that personalized items will always remind the couple of you and their wedding day.
  2. Special Item on Wedding Gift Registry. It’s good to take advantage of the couple’s gift registry as it will give you ideas on their wants, needs, and dreams. Some items might be simple such as an electric kettle, coffee maker, or bed sheets but these items are carefully selected by the couple so they are sure to be useful for the newlyweds. However, if you want to be outrageous and surprise the couple, choose the most expensive item on the registry. The couple may not expect someone to purchase such gift for them but listed it anyway as their dream wedding gift. If the price is too expensive for your budget, ask other guests to chip-in to buy a joint gift. You will surely melt the couple’s heart for such effort in giving them the special gift.
  3. Cookbook. One of the challenges most newlyweds have is what food to put on the table. A cookbook is a great help for them when they want to develop their cooking skills and learn new recipes. Whether you buy the book for them or give them your own recipes, the recipes and skills they are about to learn will be useful for their lifetime and will always remind them of you.
  4. Honeymoon Surprise. Ask the couple about their honeymoon plans and secretly book an upgrade or add-ons for them. You can upgrade their hotel accommodation to the best room or hotel in the area, book an additional trip for them to one of the local attractions, or give them a gift certificate to the best local restaurant.
  5. Cash Gift. You may hesitate to give money as a wedding gift thinking it might be impersonal, but it is actually a practical and thoughtful gift that will be remembered for many years. Most newlyweds wish to buy expensive things that they may not be able to afford when they are just starting in their new home. A monetary gift helps the couple to focus on their needs or use it to fulfill their wishes.
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