As a kid, rainy days were always the worst. You’d wake up excited to play outside, only to find you’d be staying inside until the skies cleared up. While frustrating, these constraints often led to the greatest creativity. Knowing that playing outside wasn’t an option forced you to come up with some unique indoor activities. As an adult, things aren’t much different.

Working Out When The Sun Don’t Shine

In Atlanta, there are an average of 113 rainy days per year. There are 81 in Dallas. Rochester, New York has a whopping 167 days of rain per year, while San Francisco lays claim to roughly 68 each year.

Whether you live in the South, on the West Coast, in the Northeast, or anywhere in between, you’re going to get your fair share of rain. Knowing how to stay on track and continue working out during these dreary days will help you thrive.

If you’re someone who exercises outdoors, rain alters your normal workout routine. And while it might not be preferable, you can switch things up by trying the following:

1. Take a Rest Day

First off, it’s totally okay to take a rest day every now and then. In fact, rest is an important part of exercise and the occasional rainy day is the perfect opportunity to take it easy.

If you are going to take a rest day, make sure it’s productive. That means getting adequate sleep, eating a recovery diet that’s high in antioxidant-rich, micronutrient-rich, and vitamin-rich food, and staying properly hydrated.

2. Do Yoga

Even if you don’t regularly do yoga, it can be a fantastic workout to throw into the mix. It has the benefit of mentally centering you and physically stretching your body. People who regularly perform yoga report feeling more confident, strong, and flexible in multiple areas of their lives.

3. Watch YouTube Workout Videos

You can find anything on YouTube. In addition to providing funny cat videos and blooper reels, YouTube also has a massive library of indoor home workouts provided by a number of experts in the field. Just run a quick search and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

The beauty of a YouTube workout is that you can simply pull it up on your TV, move the coffee table out of the way, and get in a quick 30-minute workout without having to go anywhere.

4. Take the Kids to a Trampoline Park

A wet day is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your kids. But you don’t have to lie around on the sofa and binge watch Netflix for hours on end. It’s possible to have fun with your kids and get some exercise– even when it’s pouring rain outside.

One option is to find a nearby trampoline park and take your kids with you. The kids will have a blast running around, diving in foam pits, and playing games. You can use this as an opportunity to get your heart rate up for an extended period of time.

5. Do Body Weight Exercises

You don’t need any special equipment to get in a full-body workout on a rainy day. Bodyweight exercises can help you achieve some pretty astounding results from the comforts of your own home or office.

“The most effective bodyweight movements are those that mimic explosive plyometric exercises,” fitness expert Aleisha Fetters explains. “Working the springlike elasticity of your muscles trains them to generate power quickly and efficiently. That function translates to speed and strength in your sport that’s much harder to achieve with cardio alone.”

Never Make Excuses

It’s easy to get in a workout when the sun is shining and the temperature is perfect. It’s a whole lot harder to stay on track when it’s cold, rainy, and dreary outside. While it’s okay to take an occasional rest day, every rainy day shouldn’t be an excuse to cancel your workout. Take charge and find alternative exercise routines that don’t require you to be outside. In doing so, you’ll continue to make progress in the midst of uncontrollable factors.

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