Generally, we can observe that lots of things are available in the market to reduces tension and stress like wine, cookies, rescue remedy etc. These works only for external solutions to tension or worry in every possible place imaginable.
Thankfully for AYM 'yoga school in Rishikesh' and its yoga course, along with Yoga works to relieve worry and reduce tension in both the body and mind. It could be made resilient.
There are some pose to help reduce tension and stress-

1-Eagle Pose(Garudasana) -
This is pose requires to focus and concentrate the mind on a single point, which is stress management kit. It helps to free up-tightness in the hips and shoulders. These are common-place for emotional tension to roll up.

2-Standing forward fold(Uttanasana)-
Uttanasana gives you quite a mind busy, balance the nervous system, & increase your feeling of peace and calm. This is more helpful to balance the sacral chakra energetically when overstimulated, could contribute to excessive and fluctuation emotional energy.

3-Child's Posture(Balasana) -
Balasana is a generally common beginners yoga posture. this poses often used as a resting position in the between difficult poses during the yoga exercise.The contraindications of baby's pose is recent or chronic injury to the knees

4-Thunderbolt Pose (Vajrasana) -
Vajrasana is an Indian translation into Thunderbolt posture. This is very important meditation pose as to provide the body an upright & straight pose without extra effort. Vajrasana is a well sitting on the heels. This shows the kneeling position. A person feels very good. Usually, this course should after taking food.

5- Reclined bound angle pose (Supta Baddha Konasana)-
This is a simple asana to perform to help harness the focus of the stretching and toning core. A restorative posture classically, this is sitting position with both the legs outstretched forward, hands by the sides, palms resting on the plane or ground place, gingers together pointing forward.

The following discusses above steps to help to overcome your stress and tension most for the rate. The yoga school in Rishikesh works in this direction to gives such type of pose and theory in an understandable and easy way.

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The AYM is the top yoga teacher training school at Rishikesh in India which affiliated with the alliance USA. The ashram offers 200 hours, 300 hours and 300 hours yoga TTC with the certificate.