On an RV, 50 amps is enough power to run a microwave or A/C unit. It’s also more than enough power to melt the housing of a traditional twist-type marine shore power connector and inlet. The revolutionary SmartPlug cordset overcomes the inadequacies of this old technology to deliver a safer, simpler, and more secure 50A 125/250V electric supply.

Unlike twist-type connectors with their thin corrosion-prone blades, the SmartPlug uses a robust pin and clip design that provides over 27 times the metal-to-metal contact. This lessens electrical resistance and reduces the potential for arcing and overheating. It is the safest shore power cordset on the market today.

Anyone who has fumbled with orienting the L blade and trying to thread the collar of a twist-type connector in poor conditions knows what a headache it can be. The SmartPlug connector pushes straight in and fastens securely with a rugged four-point locking system. It’s also asymmetrical, so there are no alignment issues—plugging into shore power can be accomplished with one hand.

The SmartPlug connector is built with a durable heat- and impact-resistant polymer. New for 2021 is a reverse polarity indicator light that is now standard on all cordsets. Integrated into the RV-side female end are two LED lights. When the blue light is on, power is flowing correctly. If there is an unsafe condition, the red lamp will glow.

SmartPlug cords use Superflex cable. This provides flexibility and durability, and makes them easy to coil even in freezing weather.

SmartPlug 50A cordsets are 30′ in length. Prices start at $498. Versions in 16A, 30A, and 32A configurations are also available.

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SmartPlug Systems, an innovative manufacturer of safer shore power solutions for recreational and commercial marine, has launched its 2021 catalog.Available for download at bit.ly/SmartPlugMarine2021, it includes the new line of marina power products and at the company dock.