Since its invention in 1886, Coca-Cola has transformed from a simple drink to an elixir of many uses - here are 50 to help you get the most out of your cans.

Taken from an infographic by Varooma:

The 5 Most Awesome
Here are a few of the best to get us started…

1. Neutralise stings and bites from insects and jellyfish - just pour it on.
2. Caramelise onions - just cook your slices onions in Coca-Cola.
3. Enhance compost - the sugar and acid in the drink helps feed micro-organisms and break down compost faster.
4. Add volume to your hair - just rinse your hair with Coca-Cola.
5. Make a fountain - stuff a pack of certain kinds of mints into a bottle of Diet Coke and stand back.

10 Ways To Use Coke For Cleaning
The carbonic acid in Coca-Cola is what helps it effectively break down dirt and grime.

6. Remove rust - rub it in with tin-foil for best results.
7. Remove bloodstains - mix the drink with detergent and water, then soak the clothes.
8. Break down grease - let it sit for half an hour before cleaning off.
9. Clean windows and mirrors - rinse off with water afterwards.
10. Clean your toilet - let a can's worth sit in the bowl for an hour before scrubbing.
11. Polish your jewellery - sit it in Coca-Cola overnight, then scrub.
12. Clean oil and grease from your driveway - let it sit for 24 hours, then hose away.
13. Clean burnt pans - simmer the drink in the pan, then wipe.
14. Clean tiles - let it sit on the tiles for a few minutes, then wipe away.
15. Remove pen and marker stains - use a small amount, then scrub away and clean with soapy water.

10 Health & Beauty Uses For Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola's combination of acid, sugar, caffeine and fizziness can give surprising results for your health and appearance.

16. Helps remove chewing gum from your hair - drizzle it on.
17. Remove temporary hair dye -pour Diet Coke on your hair.
18. Fade permanent hair dye - as above.
19. Help cure cases of blockages in the digestive tract.
20. Help focus your mind - due to the caffeine within.
21. Reduce nausea - the usual recommendation is to drink it flat.
22. Reduce hangover symptoms - the fizziness can settle your stomach, the caffeine gives you a temporary energy boost.
23. Can help cure hiccups - hold your breath and drink.
24. Reduce the risk of kidney stones - prevents calcium and oxalate from binding together.
25. Give yourself a tan - simply spray it on your skin before you sit in the sun.

5 Tips For Using Coke For De-odorising
The power of Coca-Cola to remove smells comes from its carbonic and phosphoric acid, which also remove stains.

26. Remove skunk smell - rub it into affected areas, then rinse.
27. De-odorises your skin - just rub it on, wash it off.
28. Removes stubborn smells from clothes - the acids in the drink help break down odours.
29. Gets rid of the smell of petrol - useful for mechanics!.
30. Removes the smell of fish - the acids help break down odours.

8 Alternative Cooking Uses
With its 35g of sugar per can, adding Coca-Cola to food can sweeten up a range of dishes and add a smoky flavour.

31. Tenderise meat - add it to your steak or other meat when cooking.
32. Make a tasty glaze - just add to ketchup or other sauces.
33. Make your cakes more moist - just add Coca-Cola to the mix.
34. Enjoy a Coke float - add a scoop of ice cream.
35. Make jelly - just substitute water for Coca-Cola when mixing it.
36. Make ice lollies - simply freeze it in ice-lolly moulds.
37. Baste a ham - combine with brown sugar and pineapple, then baste away.
38. Add to a pot roast - for extra flavour.
39. Heat it up - a nice warming drink for the winter - also helps clears congestion.

10 Miscellaneous Uses For Coca-Cola
From the stickiness of its sugar, its appeal to insects or its caramel colour, Coca-Cola lends itself to a range of other uses too!

40. Helps loosen stiff bolts.
41. Control garden pests - just put a bowl of Coca-Cola in your garden.
42. Defrost your windscreen - pour liberally, then wait a minute before scraping the ice.
43. Feed plants - particularly azaleas and gardenias.
44. Deter insects when eating out - put a glass of Coca-Cola a little way away from your eating area.
45. Use as a pesticide - this takes place in parts of India.
46. Create faux antiques - soak letters or pictures in the drink, then allow to dry for an aged look.
47. Make your lawn lush - spread the drink over your grass.
48. Soothe your pet's weary paw pads - when you notice them getting worn and shiny, just soak them in Coca-Cola.
49. Stop your actors slipping - mop the floor with Coke, and your film set will be slip-free!
50. Strip paint from metal - soak a towel with the drink, wrap it over the metal, leave for a few days.

So if you have a few too many cans in the fridge, put them to good use around the house and see if you can find any other unknown Coca-Cola benefits!

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