As a commentator on human affairs, I really enjoy getting to see a lot of things going by.

I have long been a proponent for women's rights; it began in the '80s for me—that's the 1980s, for those of you who weren't even born then. I was at Cal State, Fresno. It was a center of the feminist movement, and we enjoyed it and we got moving along, and everything was going on.

AND as a professor who chose to teach a good number of courses in the evening, I was very, very, VERY privy to who was attending those classes. Now, granted, my classes were English classes and Speech Communication classes and beginning business classes, so they were general.

Everybody had to be there—that's not a disadvantage. That's what I'm telling you… it fits right in sync with the fact that I got to see who was coming in.

And do you know what? I never counted the numbers, but I'm certain that those classes were 66% women, 33% men. And I'm certain that there was 85% determination and animation on the part of the women, and 15% for the men.

And I see the same kind of things happening in the U.S. versus the world market…

Hey, I'm an American, born and bred, and I have my controversial points of view. But I'm going to tell you something: I'm also an international citizen. As we speak, I happen to be in my 1st home in Panamá with my wife and daughter.

And we did a promotion just the other day, and ironically—you will never believe this—we got approximately 1,100 orders, plus 1,100 orders.

What am I talking about? Well, I'm not saying that's the most successful marketing event we've ever done, or the least successful either. Throw that out the window, will you? Eleven hundred, and eleven hundred. We considered who was from the domestic USA and who was international (that includes Canada and Mexico and everything beyond), and we got 1,100 orders both ways.

Here’s the scoop… 50% of the business is going to other countries in the world, as an American would think.

And as an American, I would give you this advice—“You'd better wake your butt up!”

To an international person who ordered, I would say “Congratulations, because you are the ambitious one, doing what it takes. YOU are the future of commerce both online and offline!”

Now, I know it's 50/50 - but I don't believe it should be weighted 50/50 when I'm marketing in an American audience. That tells you who's doing the most to create tomorrow.

Because that's the whole message of The NEW Think and Grow Rich… THINK and grow rich. There is a planting time, there is a caring time, there is a nurturing time, there is a season that must pass from spring, through summer, into the autumn, when we can harvest. And the thing is, folks, we got it here, in the evidence from this recent promotion.

It's not what a “normal” American would like to hear, but our figures show it out. The truth is the truth, like it or not…

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