Statistics tell us that 95% of all direct sales businesses fail. Why is that? People get excited about a concept, decide that they can either make a good income to supplement or replace their current income, and they join up. Some people can barely get it together to get started. It’s far more fun to be off with friends and family socialising and they put off the action needed to get the business going. Others manage to get the business going, but come up against stumbling blocks and decide it’s all too hard. The few who do make it aren’t necessarily more clever or better business people than the others but they do incorporate five key strategies into their working day or week on a regular basis. These key strategies that I’m going to share with you are the secret to a successful home based business.

1. Action

Be consistent and persistent in your income producing activities

I believe that this is the most important of the 5 key strategies. Nothing is going to happen without consistent action working on income producing activities. This will include marketing the business and reviewing those marketing strategies constantly. It will include following up with all prospects promptly by phone and email as well as giving support to other team members. Keeping financial and business material organised properly so that control is kept at all times even during periods of large growth will also be included in this strategy.

2. Goal Setting

Write down your short and long term goals

Keep a diary of your goals short and long term. Try to visualize them with feeling as they relate to all areas of your life – relationships, spiritual, physical, intellectual, financial, social, business. They must be S.M.A.R.T. – specific, measurable, achievable, results-oriented, time-bound. Review and update them regularly as they will change with each success achieved.

3. Training & Business Development

Mastermind with other leaders in the business

Training and business development is also one of the most important strategies. The learning curve will be steep, especially in the beginning stages of setting up the business, and it is important to listen and read everything you can get your hands on about all areas of your business. This will include marketing, business systems, communication, and sales techniques. It is very important to communicate regularly with leaders in the business and to learn from them so that you can leverage their experience to further your success. Attend all training seminars and conferences associated with the business. Not only will you learn more but it will give you a chance to meet others in the business and share ideas and experiences.

4. Leadership

Lead by example at all times

Most direct sales home based businesses are businesses of leadership. Set the example at all times so that others in your business will be able to emulate the standard set. Step up to assist in training sessions and webinars, position yourself in the business for success and assist others in your business to do the same. Offer mentoring and training, offer opinions and testimonials, put together manuals and documents to ensure that the correct methods are being utilised. Make yourself available to problem solve for your team. Even if you don’t have all the answers, you should be able to access them.

5. Personal Development

Take responsibility for the success of your business and life

Take some time each day to work on your personal development by listening to CDs or webinars, read books or just take some time out to meditate and reflect on your mindset and general well being. Personal development covers all aspects your life like wellbeing and health, stress management, communication skills, goal setting to achieve results as well as the creation of abundance and wealth. Working on a positive mindset will do wonders for your business especially when things aren’t going as smoothly as you would like. Working on this area will also help you identify limiting beliefs and change the way you think and act.

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