Over sensitivity

Some people are more sensitive to criticism and to being mistreated than others. Emotional sensitivity is a very common trait but it always remains one of the private secrets that the person never tells anybody about, and as a result those sensitive people are usually hurt by others who don’t notice that they are dealing with sensitive people.

The aim of this article is to help you improve your communication skills by making you able to spot sensitive people and so choosing the right strategy in dealing with them.

Sings Of Over Sensitivity

* Face Features: You can spot a sensitive person from his face features. He will usually have delicate face features like a tiny chin and thin eye brows. Sensitive people usually have wide eyes too. Note that the presence of the tiny features assert the presence of emotional sensitivity but the absence of the features reveals nothing.

* Body Shape: If the person’s body type is Ectomorph then he is over sensitive. The Ectomorph body type is characterized by having small muscles, slim limbs and lighter bones.

* Staying in the Comfort Zone: we all hate change and we all like stability but sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zones in order to achieve our goals. When a person stays in his comfort zone forever then this usually means that the person is oversensitive. Because in this case his over sensitivity makes him unable to tolerate the emotional change associated with changing what he is used to

* Avoiding physical activities: Over sensitive people are peace lovers, they don’t like to exert much physical efforts and they hate fights. They prefer to do any other peaceful activity rather than being involved in a violent sport or a fight.

* Being unable to tolerate criticism: Everyone dislikes critics but for an over sensitive person a small critical comment could leave him angry for days. When you notice that a person gets hurt from any small critical comment then know that most probably he is over sensitive

Over Sensitivity Is Not bad

Over sensitivity is not bad at all as the over sensitive person posses some traits that the other people don’t have. The over sensitive person has got a strong ability of sensing others feelings and emotions. For example in case you had a crush on someone the first person to notice this will be the over sensitive because of his high level of empathy. Over sensitivity makes the person kind and more understanding so if you are an over sensitive person then don’t be upset and just enjoy your positive qualities.

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