Massage is becoming a popular way to ease stress, treat chronic conditions, and ease pain. With increasing popularity, comes a higher price tag. To make the most of your massage, use these 5 simple steps.

Find your happy place.
Our lives are often quite chaotic. A quiet mind will enhance the effects of the massage. It may help to focus on where the therapist is working on the body while receiving the massage. Some therapists will even assist in guided meditation during your treatment.

Don't schedule your massage after a heavy meal.
In almost all types of massage, pressure is going to be applied to your body. Spare yourself the discomfort. You will also be able to focus more on the massage if you avoid the after dinner appointment.

Know the purpose of your massage.
Massage isn't always a luxury. It is often a necessity. If you are scheduling a sports massage, know that stretching will probably be involved. If you schedule a Swedish massage, don't expect deep tissue work. Plan your massage according to your needs.

Communicate with your massage therapist.
Each client has specific likes and dislikes when it comes to their massage. The type of music, the amount of pressure, draping and temperature are all things that can be modified by the therapist. It is better to tell your therapist what can be changed to make your massage more enjoyable, rather than 'suffer in silence'.

Relax the body.
The reason you are getting a massage is to relax the mind and body. Many times clients have a tendency to try to assist their therapist. This should be avoided if at all possible. Not only could it be contrary to what the therapist is doing, it may also result in discomfort for you.

Your massage can be everything you want it to be. By using these methods, you will take your massage (and in turn, your health) to new heights.

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Corey Richason has been a licensed massage therapist since 2001. Corey serves the greater Phoenix area. His practice, Vital Kneads Massage ( focuses mainly on in-home deep tissue therapeutic massage and sports massage treatments.
In addition to completing the Master Massage Therapist program in massage therapy at the Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College, Corey is the Arizona state coordinator of Emergency Response Massage International ( His practice is located in Phoenix, AZ.