First what you don’t want to do... panic! Panic and anxiety will zap the life right out of you. Whether you are facing downsizing, health, relationship or financial issues taking immediate appropriate action will make all the difference in the world. Making those decisions with a clear mind and a positively charged body will empower you with confidence and the right attitude to succeed.

Practicing the FLAME technique every morning before you start your day will help you stay Spirit centered and allow you to accomplish more than you thought possible.

Here are 5 Things:

Forgive Everything
I overcame cancer twenty five years ago using the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness releases the body from deep inner stress and allows you to move forward from whatever situation or circumstance you find yourself struggling with.

Laugh at Everything
The healing effects of laughter on the body mind and Spirit are well known. However did you know how infectious laughter is in defusing a challenging condition? Try laughing or smiling at everything as strongly as you can; see what happens.

Appreciate Everything
There is nothing in this world that is not God-Spirit created. By appreciating the very energy that creates the entire universe you shift your perception and allow more goodness to flow into your life.

Move Everything
Your body, mind and Spirit are in constant motion even though you may be unaware of it. Insist on exercising the body, feeding the mind, and Spirit.

Elevate Everything
Everything you listen, watch, smell and touch has an affect on your life. You can’t always control what is going on around you but you can set your mind in the right direction. To focus your mind on what you want; create a dream board from magazine scraps with words and pictures that describe the kind of life you want. Now put on your divine seat belt and watch what happens.


Judy Pearson

Author's Bio: 

As spiritual consultant, energy practitioner, workshop facilitator and author, Judy Pearson shares her expertise, humor and passion for life with people who want to make a difference in the world.

A student of human behavior, spiritual coach and workshop leader helps people discovery balance and wisdom in a busy life. In her new book Say YES! To Life: How to Live Life and Love It! Judy she shares the process she has used to stay healthy and overcome cancer for over 20 years. A fun, common sense approach to Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now philosophy; each chapter takes the reader step-by-step to a more Spiritually lead life.

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