Because we've been marketing our MLM businesses online for so long people are always asking us how they can choose the best MLM online work opportunity for themselves. After all, if you were to Google for MLM opportunities you would find that the possibilities are endless. How do you choose the best one for you? Well, no one can decide what's best for you, but here are five things to consider before signing up with any company.

1. You gotta love your upline sponsor
For you to succeed in any MLM online work opportunity, you have to totally connect with and be able to work closely with your upline sponsor. More MLM newbies fall by the wayside because of lack of good sponsorship than for any other reason. Whether you work with your sponsor by phone, in person, or strictly via the internet and email, make sure you can work with this person for a long time to come.

2. You need a good system for online marketing
Anyone can make a MLM online work opportunity sound as easy as picking nuggets of gold off the ground, but the truly successful people in this business offer their new business builders a solid system for online marketing. When examining any online MLM business, be sure that the parent company or your upline offers a duplicatable step-by-step system for prospecting and marketing online. Otherwise you'll find yourself reinventing the online marketing wheel for the next couple of years!

3. You must love the product or service
Most MLM companies tend to focus on either retailing the product/service or building the business. A good company will help its people strike a good balance between the two. But regardless of whether you decide to mostly sell product/service retail, build your business for long-term growth, or do both, you have got to love the product. If the company's products or services don't turn you on, then give that particular MLM online work opportunity a miss. It won't be worth your time or money because you need plenty of passion about the products or services and the business to keep you going, especially in the beginning.

4. You want a company that is stable and growing
Lots of new MLM companies hit the internet scene everyday and most of them grow like crazy in the beginning. Growth is great because it means that people like the products or services the company is offering and a good percentage are joining the company as business builders. But don't be so dazzled by the company's growth that you fail to examine whether the company is stable. Stability gives a company the ability to handle growth without losing quality in their products or customer service. Don't join any MLM online work opportunity that hasn't been around for a few years and has consistently good reviews (not just testimonials) by objective third parties. Google the company to find reviews if you aren't sure about its reputation.

5. You need a compensation plan that works for you
The money is, of course, all-important in any MLM online work opportunity. And where is the money? In the compensation plan. Before joining, look over the compensation plan carefully. Make sure that you not only understand the plan but can easily explain it to your prospects as well. And make sure you feel the plan is fair for the level of effort you plan on putting into your business. Check out a few plans before choosing. Pick a plan that you feel will help you achieve your desired level of income from your business.

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