I was inspired to write this post after reading about a former flight attendant who made a whole bunch of these mistakes. Don't look now but a lot of smart people make at least one.

Dumb Mistake #1: Posting a photo of yourself in a provocative pose on the Internet.

Dumb Mistake #2: Wearing a company uniform (or carrying an emblem of the company, standing outside company HQ) while performing Dumb Mistake #1.

Dumb Mistake #3: Writing a blog about your company "for therapy" and insisting it's for you and your friends.

Dumb Mistake #4: Using the company email to send a personal message. I get dozens of queries every year: "Hi Cathy. I hate my job. Can you help?" All written on the company's message system.

Dumb Mistake #5: Thinking your boss, the HR department or the recruiter is your friend.

Dumb Mistake #6: Expecting free help. Yep, every year I get calls from senior execs who ask if we can "just talk" for an hour or so.

Dumb Mistake #7: Working extra hours to help your current company when you've been given notice: you're going to be laid off in six months or less.

Recognize yourself? I sure do.

Why do smart folks make dumb mistakes ?

Secretly they hate their jobs and are into self-sabotage.

They're brilliant at career success but not career change.

They're nice people who expect others to be nice too. (So far it's worked)

All of the above.

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