How many times have you been sorry for something you did and wished that you could win your ex girlfriend back? It is possible to get your woman back if you love her with all your heart and mind. Whatever may be the reason for your break up, as long as your ex is not hitched somewhere else, getting back with your girlfriend is a likely thing.

Here are five steps to get your ex back:

First of all give some time and space for her post the break up. Let a month or two pass by, before you get in touch with her again. If you call her immediately, she will be irritated or distraught depending on the reason of the breakup. If there is a gap of a month, there will be a point in time when she will start missing you.

Call your ex girlfriend but do not talk at length. Keep the conversation minimum but regular. You can, after some time, ask her to meet you at a common place where both of you would date.

When you meet your ex, do not talk about problems like the breaking up or the reason for breakup. Relive only the positive and romantic moments of the past. You don’t have to indulge in tricks to get him back or think about, “will my ex come back to me?” You may even tell her about the girls that you are dating. It is normal for a girl to feel envious if she still has a liking for you. However before she thinks it is over and you are taken, remind her that there has been no one as special as her.

One of the most important things in knowing how to get a girl back; is about understanding how to maintain posture. Do not beg or plead to your ex girlfriend to come back to your life. You can instead let your ex girlfriend know that you feel complete and totally at peace when she is with you. You may even gift her soft-toy or a card, just to remind her of the beautiful times you spent with her.

If the break up was out of a problem on your part, make sure that your ex girlfriend realize that you have corrected it. One of the best ways to make your ex girlfriend feel special is to invite her home and cook a meal for her. Seize the moment and tell your ex girlfriend, how much you value her and love her, more than anyone else. Tell her what how much you have missed her and how incredible it feels to be with her. When you are honest about your love, your ex girlfriend will realize the truth in your feelings and will certainly come back in your life.

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