On a first date you want to leave the right impression so the girl is left with the desire to meet you again. To be yourself is the usually the most flaunted advice but it is better taken with a pinch of salt. Following a few etiquettes when you are on a date can help you come across as the catch material for the girl.

Here are some first date etiquettes that men should consider following in order to make a good impression.

Don’t dress carelessly – Wearing a low waist baggy jeans and an over-sized baseball jersey might be your style when you are hanging out with your buddies but don’t sport it on your first date. Dress up for class and avoid any piece of clothing that sends out the wrong message. Polished leather shoes, a neat shirt or t-shirt and a pair of jeans are all that it takes to look decent. Be sure to avoid torn jeans and pitted t-shirts, keep it as simple as possible. When you look at the mirror you should look like gentleman rather than a careless teenager spouting his style.

Pay attention to your personal hygiene – A clean shaven look is better for the first date than a stubble look. Clip off your nails and clean up your hair. Take a hard look in a close up mirror and see if there is any element of shabbiness to your face, like a badly shaven patch. Use your favorite cologne or deodorant to good effect. Breath odor is a deterrent in any social interaction let alone your first date, use a chewing gum or mouth wash to get rid of it.

Listen more than you talk – If you come across as a regular chatter box it won’t leave a good impression on your date. Girls find it very intriguing to be around a guy who talks less but talks smart. The only way you can do this is by listening keenly to what she is saying without constantly thinking about the next thing to say. You don’t have to fill up each moment of silence with some irrational babble. Just maintain your cool and be the listener more than the talker. Avoid bragging about yourself and your accomplishments as yet.

Don’t make the girl uncomfortable – Make sure you act the gentleman at least on the first date. The girl’s comfort should be your priority. If you end up drinking too much you are just going to end up ruining your date by making the girl really uncomfortable. If you are in a restaurant, or any public place, make sure you don’t create a scene or pick a fight. Be polite with your date as well as with the people around you. She will feel a lot more comfortable in your company if you don’t come across as an impulsive short-tempered person.

Avoid looking desperate – Don’t start making your moves on the first date itself. If your date is really into you then she will take it upon herself to let you know, until then just exhibit restraint. Don’t get too close to her and avoid touching her in any overt manner. Be cool and don’t come across as someone who hasn’t had a date for a year.

In conclusion, it helps to stay laid back and cool on your first date. When you are comfortable within it sends out signals of confidence and self-assurance that are very attractive to girls.

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