There's a plethora of great seminars out there. How do you decide if you should sign-up? Here's 5 ways to help you make the best decision.

Maybe you're like me and you get tons of offers for amazing seminars, workshops and other cool learning opportunities. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend the day just leaning great new stuff; if you had the time and money?

If you’re running a business there are two kinds of workshops to consider. One type is aimed at work-life balance, like a yoga or art class. It’s fun, healthy and gives you a break from work.

The second type is focused on offering you help for your business. This kind of seminar is essential if it will help you to overcome obstacles or learn something new that will help your business to be more successful. These kinds of seminars are investments in your business.

You may feel like you don’t have the time or money but you know you need it and the benefits make it worth doing. It should pay for itself with results.

Solo-business owners are usually overly busy and it’s important to make good choices in regards to what you commit to. When is a seminar not the right thing to do? When is it a waste of time or money?

1. When you sense it isn’t the right time. Maybe later. For example, I want to take a workshop on book promotion but right now I need to focus on completing the writing. Once that’s done, I’ll have the ability to focus on promotional tools.

2. When your self-doubt says you need more credentials. In fact you have plenty of experience in this area and you could teach the class yourself. Self-doubt can sabotage you and pull your energy away from where it needs to be. For example, I’ve been tempted to take a seminar on office organizing but in fact I am doing ok with it now. Being organizationally disabled is my old story.

3. When you are intrigued with the seminar topic and want to learn about it, but in fact, it would take a lot of energy and it would be a better investment to hire a professional. For example, I have resisted taking a seminar in website optimization for just this reason. I could learn it, but I’d rather hire someone to optimize my website for me.

4. When you just can’t be bothered to learn one more thing. You know you need it, it would be good for you but you just don’t feel like it. Sometimes your attitude is more important than the benefits. It’s fun being a teenager again.:)

5. You hear about a good seminar but you really don’t need it. For example, You hear about a really stellar seminar on marketing, and how to get more clients. You might already have heaps of clients coming your way so you don’t need these tools, even if they are amazing.

Only sign-up for a seminar if:

• You know it’s the right time.

• You know you need the help.

• You want to learn these skills.

• You have an attitude that says, “I’ll do whatever it takes.”

• You know you would benefit.

If all these things are true, the seminar would be an investment in yourself; your business and it would pay for itself over and over.

Author's Bio: 

Kaya has 20 Years experience as a psychotherapist. 5 years as a corporate trainer, 15 years as a professional development facilitator I have owned five small businesses. She now provides business coaching services through
Awakening Business Solutions
Portland, Oregon 97211