I am in love - with a new grain - quinoa!
Actually, it is not new, but quite old, in fact, ancient grain! It dates back over 5,000 years. The ancient Inca once called it "the Mother grain", because it was so important for their diet!

Quinoa is a tiny grain, no bigger than mustard seed, but it once fed the mighty Andes Mountains of South America. The Inca Empire relied on this grain to feed its populating that stretch from coast of Chile to to mountainous regions of Andes.
The modern scientists call quinoa the complete protein grain because it supplies all the essential amino acids in "a balanced pattern". If you are like me and always looking for new ways to introduce another source of protein, quinoa is something you should be definitely consider, and here's why:

- Quinoa is high in Protein. 16.2% of serving of one serving of quinoa is protein. In comparison, the other favorite of mine, outs, provides only 13%.

- Quinoa is great for gluten-free and wheat-free diets

- Quinoa is high in calcium

- Quinoa has a higher iron content than wheat or yellow corn!

- Quinoa is available in a grain and - my favorite- flake forms. Quinoa flakes are easy to prepared and have smooth and creamy consistency similar to farina. Quinoa flakes make a perfect breakfast any time, but I especially enjoy a steaming bowl of quinoa flakes on a chilly morning!

If you want to add a healthy variety to your diet you should absolutely try quinoa!


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