How your ex has conducted herself since you broke up may give you an idea about whether or not she wants to come back to you. It’s a pretty sure bet that she’s not going to be direct and tell you this plainly, but rather you can tell through her actions and behaviors.

They only suggest that they want you back because she is probably a little embarrassed about leaving you to begin with. But none the less, actions speak louder than words. Here are 5 signs to look out for that you can use to tell what your girlfriend is truly feeling.

First Sign: She makes efforts to break the ice between you by trying to contact you

It is really a good sign to discover a message or email from your ex since you two have separated. This is a huge sign that she wants to get back together (or is at least thinking about it) when she does this without any easy-to-see rationality. It won’t be hard to tell what her intentions are based on whether she is calling about something important or just to say “hi.”

Second Sign: She begins to get interested in what you are doing!

If her calls becomes more frequent than normal, you will see what she really wants. She might try to make excuses to meet you or stay with you longer if she wants to give it a second shot. Basically if she makes any real effort to spend time with you or see you at all, you should take that as a strong clue.

Third Sign: She makes efforts to get you to take notice!

She is probably still interested in you when she tells you about the things that she does on a regular basis. She is trying to win your approval and impress you through her accomplishments. Changing the style of her hair or getting nicer clothes is also one of the ways she may use to catch your eye.

Fourth Sign: She mentions doing things with you in the future!

When you find your ex begins to make plans with you for the coming weeks and months, do not doubt, she is hinting you that she want to be with you even in the future. By doing this, she is letting you know that she wants you as part of her future.

Fifth Sign: You can see her efforts to improve herself.

If she actually changes something that bothered you about her before, you can bet that she wants you back. In order to impress you, she is trying to improve herself to show you her commitment to making you happy. You can spot this stuff pretty quickly and you’ll know what it means.

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