In today’s market 60% of the food commercially available contains some form of soy. Consumers need to know where the soy is hidden in such common items as prepared frozen foods, sauces, seasoning mixes and salad dressings. Here are five quick and simple substitutes for products containing soy.

1. Instead of using vegetable oil - which often contains soy oil as part of the mix - use olive, safflower, or coconut oil.

2. Use real butter instead of margarine, butter substitutes or shortening, all of which contain soybean oil.

3. Many microwave meals – including seasoned frozen vegetables – particularly those in a sauce, contain soybean oil. Instead buy fresh/or unprocessed frozen vegetables.

4. Instead of canned soups try using Kitchen Basics brand broth, which contains no soy.

5. If you buy jarred tomato sauce. Buy organic brands – most do not contain soybean oil – but always read the label to be sure.

6. Instead of purchasing pre-packaged seasoning mixes, which can contain soy, get creative and blend your own spices. For example, to prepare steamed or grilled vegetables, use olive oil, rosemary, thyme, and marjoram. Add a little salt and pepper – voila!

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After developing a severe allergy to soy that nearly killed her, Dianne Gregg learned the truth behind this supposed health food. “The Hidden Dangers of Soy” is the culmination of her efforts to educate others on the issues in hopes more will avoid soy’s underreported—yet widely researched—negative health impacts. She has appeared on numerous radio shows and seen on CBS4 (Miami).

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