Success in life and in business comes from effective leadership. This doesn't mean pretending to be someone else, or changing your core values, it's just about being more confident in who you are. You can follow these 5 steps to become a leader, and create a new self image of confidence and leadership, that will in turn change how others view you as well.

1. Have a Vision
All great leaders start with a vision. It must be so strong and important to them that they would never give it up for any reason. A leader knows exactly where they are going and go after it with determination and a knowing that it is their only possible outcome. Others are magnetized to the leader as they can see that this is someone who knows where they are going. This is an absolute must if you want to become a leader. Without this, you can never lead because you will not be going anywhere.

2. Find and Learn a Good System
Change in anything in life is incredibly hard unless you apply a good system both consistently and effectively. If you intend to become more healthy and fit you follow an exercise and diet plan. These are simply a system to achieve a specific result. The shortest distance between two points is a line. A definate and effective system will move you from A to B much faster than if you continually change directions.

3. Add Value
If you don't add value you have nothing to offer someone. If you don't have more knowledge about or more capabilities for getting from A to B than the next person, they have no reason to join you. They will look to the next person who does bring something to the table. The fastest and simplest way to add value: education. Learn whatever you can get your hands on and never think you're done. To be an effective leader you must always be learning, keeping up to date, and understanding that you never have all the answers.

4. Give Your Value Away
When you give your value to others you actually increases, instead of decreasing, your own value. Every time you give away good quality information without looking for something in return you become more of a leader in the eyes of those around you. You will have confidence in the abundance of information, prospects, wealth, etc around you and know that helping other people is really helping yourself.

5. Expect Your Followers To Be Leaders
Your followers will not achieve success themselves until they too become leaders. Teach them about the 5 steps to become a leader, point out any tools, resources, or education that can assist them, but step back and let them find a vision of their own. Expect leadership and vision from them, and allow them to stop following you when they are ready.

This is often a completely organic process for people, but if you find yourself struggling to become and to see yourself as a leader it helps to be aware of the steps you have to take.

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