One of the key elements to achieving extraordinary success is the ability to clarify exactly what you want out of life. The problem today is that most people are so fuzzy in what they want that the chances of achieving any meaningful result is very slim. Here are my top 5 steps of what you can do instantly to clarify what you want:

1. Locate where you are: At what stage are you in life? In order to clarify exactly what you want you’ve got to first and foremost locate where you are. The assumption that most people know where they are in life is simply not correct. The fact of the matter is that most people do not know exactly where they are in the scheme of things. It is of importance that as you seek to clarify what you want you must locate where you are. We tend to want things that are not in harmony with our positions in life; this incongruent situation births a lot of frustration to say the list. As you come to the understanding and knowledge of your location it helps immensely in clarifying what you want to achieve in life.

2. Establish where you want to be: Again we tend to assume that everybody knows exactly where he or she ought to be, this is not correct. There are a lot of things that goes into establishing where you want to be. For instance, your purpose, your passion and core values to list a few. Having located where you are, you want to now establish where you want to be. This is where vision comes in, the image of your preferred future. Vision will help you clarify and enable you set goals that will move you toward what you want out of life.

3. Ask empowering questions: Asking empowering questions will produce empowering responses. This is critical because if wrong questions are asked the answers will demotivate you and sabotages your efforts in the final analysis. Hence, you want to be asking empowering questions in clarifying what you want. Most people have the habit of dwelling on what they don’t want and ask questions in that regard. You want to be asking positive questions such as what exactly do I what out of my life, this relationship or business. This will help you clarify what you want.

4. Write down the ideas that come to mind: In clarifying what you want, you’ve got to learn writing down your ideas; this principle is often referred to as journaling. Put your ideas on a paper and don’t trust your mind that much to prevent you from writing your thoughts down. You just can’t clarify what you want in your mind they are just too many things that your mind is processing at a time. Therefore, it is imperative for you to write your ideas and thoughts down so as to clarify your intents.

5. Find a coach or mentor: A coach or mentor will not clarify your wants or make decisions for you. However, they can help you with the templates that will serve as guidelines, which will enable you to clarify and make decisions that are congruent with your core values. Your coach/mentor will hold you accountable to your objectives and the action plans to achieve whatever it is that you want out of your life. They can also help you un-clutter your thoughts and move you forward in your pursuit.

This is not an exhaustive list however, you can begin instantly and take action on using the follow steps to start bring clarity to what you want out of your life. I know that there are great things in store for you and there are great things you are created to achieve and display. Now, go to work and make it happen.

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Richard Onebamoi is a pastor, motivational speaker, author and success facilitator, empowering people to unlock the power to succeed. His mission is to inspire your performance, expand your imagination, cultivate your dreams, and help you discover, develop and maximize your God given potential. Visit: Self Improve Blog and Burst The Frustration.