Article marketing is one of the most powerful tools to promote business, products or services. Website promotion can not be made more efficient with other methods. The exposure which you can get with this marketing strategy is huge because some of these article syndication sites have a significant readership following.

Most article syndication sites allow you to post your content for free. Once published, your content becomes available for all to see, and can be republished on other sites. Most of these article directories allow you to include html links in your articles resource box (I do not advise you to publish articles to sites which doesn't allow this, otherwise you waste your time). You can insert a back link your to the page on your website you're trying to promote for that keyword.

Website promotion is an online marketing solution for maximize your online visibility. Methods like search engine optimization, website directories submission, social bookmarking are very efficent as website promotion strategies, but none of these methods will bring you the results you can get with article marketing.

Website promotion is crucial for online success. The more popular your website is, the more organic traffic you get from search engines. Popularity can be gained in time by gathering back links to your website. But if you want to get an immediate result then you should use article marketing. By publishing your articles in ezine articles with solid reputation and high page rank you gain quality back links together with free targeted traffic. Targeted because only people interested in your subject will read your articles. And remember that targeted traffic is the key to success for a Internet business.

Free traffic is brought to you also by Twitter, Digg, Facebook and other social bookmarking sites. By bookmarking your articles you increase your exposure and find new traffic sources.

Setting up a blog, a lens on Squidoo, a hub in HubPages are similar with publishing articles in ezine directories. These methods can be counted as techniques of driving free targeted traffic to your website.

Article marketing is the survival technique for any online business. If you think that you have no skills to write effective articles or you can not find strong headlines, I suggest you to visit my site and to see how I use to write articles and to gain free traffic for my sites in less than two weeks.

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