It happens to all of us - we fall of the wagon with exercise, lose motivation and straggle to get back on. If you were in the groove and had to stop your program, even if the reasons were legitimate - injury, crunch time at work, unexpected travel, illness, you name it, - it is immensely frustrating! But, as the rule goes: what you resist - persists: if you focus on that frustration, you'd only prolong the time you are not working out. Instead, we need to work out tricks of getting over the frustration and getting ourselves back on track and into the groove.
Here are the things that I find helpful to re-acquire motivation for fitness :

- Watching an inspiring movie where hero/heroine saves the day (or the world) by being physically prepared for a challenge. My personal favorite is Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in Terminator 1, or Ashley Judd in Double Jeopardy (remember how she runs in the prison yard while Queen Latifah looks on? "Sheer hate drives you, girl", Queen Latifah says, or something to that effect. )

- Comparing myself to a celebrity close to me in age, who are known to exercise and look good. Demi Moore is a reliable one, she never yo-yos, always fit as a fiddle. She even does P90X!

- Looking at "before" and "after" pictures of people who successfully lost and kept off weight and went on to build impressive set of muscles. These are plentiful on the web, and very inspiring!

- Scheduling a reunion with old classmates or extended family. When you know you have to impress people, it gets you back on track in anticipation! Make sure you are not trying to get in shape in 10 days, that's not neither practical nor healthy, but give yourself 2-3 months to do it! Peer pressure is good for that!

- Meeting new people who are excited about getting fit and making a commitment to them and yourself to do it! The old ditty "Tell me who your friends are and I tell you who you are" is very true: chances are you perform slightly better than some or slightly worse than others of your closest friends. If you surround yourself with people who exercise regularly and are excited about healthy lifestyle, you will follow their example!

By employing these you can make sure that your down time shrinks to minimum! Happy and healthy works to you!

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Jenny Genin is a computer programmer and an independent Beachbody Coach. Even though she's been into fitness most of her adult life, discovering the excellent programs from Beachbody helped her lose the unwanted pounds, make over her body and acquire the confidence that one can do it at her age, or any age. (Watch her progress slide show She'll be happy to give you an advise about your workout programs and nutrition, help you with motivation to start and stay with it - and it is FREE! Go to to JOIN or email! You have nothing to lose but pounds!