Online entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to increase their marketing effectiveness. A prime area for any business involved in marketing on the internet to increase their efficiencies is how they promoter to their list. An effective email based marketing campaign can help any online business increase their profitability rapidly. Having a list of email addresses to which you can regularly promote to is very important to any business involved in e-commerce. We all have heard that the 'money is in the list' but that is only true if the list is effectively constructed and utilized.

Here are 5 tips you can put to use immediately when compiling and promoting to the list of email addresses you use to build your business.

Maintain Targeted List

Stay focused on a particular niche when compiling a list of email addresses since this will make your promotional messages more relevant and effective. Remember that the size of your list is not as important as the response rate you get when contacting them. If you have people on your list that display little interest in what you promote you are only wasting time and effort on them.

Offer Relevant Giveaway

Whether it is the free giveaway you offer people on your squeeze page or perhaps thank you 'gifts' you may send out periodically keep them relevant to the niche. By doing so these 'gifts' will be better appreciated by list members.

Develop Relationship

Do not make every email you send out an attempt to promote something to list members. It is important that you develop some type of 'casual' relationship with list members. By constantly 'beating them over the head' with relentless promotions they are likely to tire of this and unsubscribe from the list. A safe 'rule of thumb' you can use is to keep your promotional efforts down to 25 percent of any emails you send out. By doing this it will likely give you a higher sales conversation rate when you do promote something to list members.

Offer Useful Information

You already know what is of interest to your list members since they responded to your squeeze page offer to join the list. Based upon this interest supply your email list with information they may found useful or interesting. This will work wonders in developing a trusting relationship with your list members.

Use Auto-Responder Service

Using a reputable auto-responder service will help you manage your email based marketing campaign much more efficiently and effectively. This will help minimize or eliminate errors and allow you the time to tend to other aspects of your business.

When working online you should always be looking for ways to increase your marketing effectiveness. Successfully marketing on the internet requires continuous testing and tweaking in regards to how you operate your business. Your email based marketing efforts are one of the best areas to focus your attention for such improvements. Promoting to your list can be the most effective and efficient way to quickly grow your business. The tips we discussed here today address 5 areas of your list building and promotional efforts where improvements can be made. If change is needed and applied correctly you could dramatically increase the profits from your email based marketing campaign literally overnight.

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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