by Jane Carlton

It can be difficult to stay positive in the times we live in. It's so easy to find our fears and negative thoughts cropping up to sabotage our intention to stay focused on the positive things we want to manifest in our lives instead of giving in to thoughts about what we don't want. That little voice that says things like "you can't do it", "you'll probably fail", "you're not good enough", "this isn't going to work"...

Those negative thoughts and fears actually come from our sub-conscious mind in an attempt to keep things as they are - to keep us in our "comfort zone" - in fact, they are the mind's attempt, based on millions of years of programming, to try to ensure our survival by keeping us where the mind thinks it is safe. But they are only thoughts, however powerful, based on old belief patterns buried so deep in our sub-conscious minds that most of the time, we don't even know they are there.

Law of Attraction says that positive thoughts and feelings attract more positive thoughts and feelings - eventually attracting the greater abundance that we are all seeking in our lives, whether it be more wealth, greater health, successful career, loving relationships, spiritual connection...whatever it is that we wish to manifest in our life.

So, when those negative thoughts and feelings of fear suddenly show up, what can we do to dispel them and return to that positive state with happy thoughts and feelings? The only thing we really have any control over is what we think about. You can use the power of choosing your thoughts to dispel the negative thoughts and emotions. Using these practical tips can help to bring you back into the positive state.

1. Stop and just say "No" to the negative thoughts, "Enough"! Realize that the negative thoughts are just old fears and beliefs appearing. Then, think of ANY positive thought that you can manage. Even if it is a small one. Follow that with another good feeling thought, and then another, and another...soon the negative thoughts will be gone.

2. Stop and DO something that feels good to you. Something that makes you happy, that makes you smile. Like taking a walk in the fresh air, or opening the window, or playing with your pet, or hugging your children, or listening to your favorite music... Soon you will be feeling better.

3. Keep some kind of positive, enlightening, or uplifting material nearby to read, listen to, or watch. Make it a habit to spend some time each day with this material, even if it is just an uplifting daily quote from a source you like. This will keep you in touch with positive, affirming life energy and support you need to maintain your positive approach.

4. Turn off the news. Don't worry, if anything big happens, you'll hear about it! It seems the news these days is all about problems and troubles and focusing on them can make it harder to stay positive and happy. It is said that we are what we think about - so be careful what you choose.

5. Make a list of all the things and blessings that you already have, even if they are very simple things. Read it each day and add to it. It will help you appreciate and be grateful for the abundance you already have in your life, which, in turn, will attract more.

Use these 5 methods consistently and you will find it takes less and less time to dispel those negative thoughts when they arise. As you realize that you have control over them, you will be more alert to their appearance and can more quickly return to a positive mental state. Using these tips will help to bring you closer to the great abundance and harmonic wealth in all areas of your life that you deserve to have.

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Author's Bio: 

Jane Carlton is an author and publisher who lives in Oregon. She has spent many years investigating the area of personal growth and self-improvement. Her website at www.liveinfreedomtoday.com is dedicated to helping seekers of all types achieve the harmonic wealth and abundance they desire and deserve. Contact her at info@liveinfreedomtoday.com.